"At least you don't buy clothes from H-E-B."

If there's one personality trait I don't like in people, it's snobbery. Whether it's about cars, fashion, music, or other etc. whatnot, I have no time for snobbish behavior. Growing up, though my grandparents did take me and my sister birthday shopping, most of my clothes were from the local thrift store or my older brother's girlfriends. Seriously.

I wasn't "into" brand names, like some of the girls in class. You know, the girls who made claims that they only wore Polo Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger. I once overheard that I dressed like a "nerd", along with that I wasn't "that pretty" (as in, "Chelsea's nice, but she's not that pretty, and she dresses like a nerd"; 10-year-old girls can be bitches).

I could understand the "nerd" thing: I was, and am, way into books and learning. But that's not the point. The point is, I didn't (and still don't) understand the name-calling zoning in on my personal appearance. I thought I looked nice in my "nerd" clothes!

That's when I began learning the names, along with the difference in quality and style, of the off-brands. Many of these off-brands were actually private labels, available at the Herberger's and JC Penney in Kalispell, MT, a 30-minute drive north from Bigfork: Amy Byer, Arizona Jean Co., Mudd Jeans, ByerWear Too, just to name a few...Even when I started buying my clothing with self-made money, my prom dress was from the JC Penney and $15, while some girls took the 4-hour drive to Spokane, WA, to find their gowns inside a two-story mall.

Side note: After googling the mall for old time's sake, I found out that Kalispell Center Mall is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Weird!

In high-school, I started to shop at Buckle. I put their layaway-payment plan into good use for several years, in order to afford my favorite brand jean, Lucky. While the brands at Buckle are exceptional, the prices aren't, and this has led to a personal decline of shopping there. Since moving back to Austin in 2008, in order to save money while still transcending my closet from a teenager's to that of an adult's, I have generally shopped: where I am working, mostly due to fringe benefits; at thrift stores; at consignment stores, e.g. Buffalo Exchange and Plato's Closet; at the outlet malls.

A product of an environment built on saving money while dressing sharp, I have a secret to share: this 100% Rayon dress is from H-E-B, which is a supermarket chain in Texas and Mexico.

I hadn't gone into my local grocery store looking for a dress. But when I saw the brightly-dyed, sheer rayon fabric, I knew I had to have it. The colors remind me of sherbet. Even though H-E-B has reasonable prices, I was shocked to see it was only $9.99. Paired with a belt I wore in a previous post, it's a sundress made for the weather Austin has experienced this summer.
Ballet Flats: Maurices.
Tote Bag: Gifted; Free People (instead of plastic bags, the stores gives out totes).
Shift Dress: Shoreline, by way of H.E.B.
Belt: Gifted; BKE by Buckle.
Sunglasses: Dots.

Speaking of weather in Austin, the beautiful capitol city has been surrounded by devastating wildfires. I am donating whatever I can to the American Red Cross, as nearly 800 homes have been burned in the nearby town of Bastrop, TX. That fire is still only 30% contained, while other parts of Central Texas have their own fires to deal with.

If you reside in the greater Austin area, I encourage you to donate whatever you can--someone out there just lost everything. The Austin Chronicle is keeping an up-to-date list of places to donate. To those who are not in Texas, if and when a natural disaster strikes in your area, I hope you can lend a helping hand to your local relief efforts. You never know when you may be the person in need.


  1. cute outfit love your dress so pretty! thanks for the comment!


  2. What a great post down memory lane. I am impressed that you shopped in such eclectic places and didn't bow to peer pressure. I remember feeling a lot of it. Girls over age 7 can be soooo catty. That's one reason I love the blogosphere, so many non catty thrifty ladies.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. love your dress :D I love your name 'The Chelsea Girl' - in England being a Chelsea Girl means you're a girl from a specific area of London called Chelsea :D

  4. I like to punch snobs in the face.
    Okay, not really.
    Well, not unless they get in mine first. That's another story, though.
    Even though I am a total brand whore, I would never personally attack someone for not wearing big designers. Maybe they don't like the clothes. Maybe they can't afford them. Maybe they have their own sense of style, and it doesn't fit with designer labels. Who cares? Dress how you want, and don't denigrate someone for being an individual.

    I always donate my old clothes. Why should I throw something out when someone in need could really use it??

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Gah! I so love this look on you, Chelsea - the colors of that dress are gorg! :)

  6. cute outfit...Love your glasses..:)



    Don't bother to pass by anytime..:)

  7. I hate when people are snobby too! there's never a good reason to be that way. hey cute outfit! love the dress.

  8. I wear something branded (well the most) something not, but i'd never think to attack someone for not have branded clothes!!!
    It's just so fool!
    Cute dress!^^

  9. Big big like for your outfit! You look so cute!^^

    See ya! ;)



  10. loving the tye dye print! i think it's totally less of a stigma now to wear generic brand clothes. when i was in jr high and high school i felt like it was a bigger deal to wear brand names. i think it's awesome you found that at HEB!!!


  11. Love this dress on you! The print and colour is perfect. Tie-dye seriously takes me back to being kid...

    Totally know that feeling about brands. I remember in high school if you didn't wear Abercrombie you might as well not exist. Hah! Well, it felt like that at least! xx

  12. hey. i have three dresses from the heb; they're awesome . . . who knew!? :)

  13. I just stumbled onto this blog and I must say that you sound like a pretty awesome young lady. A couple of years ago, my hubby was hit head-on and was hospitalized for almost a month. My world went crazy. Thank goodness for HEB and their clothes, because I hit the yoga pants area at almost midnight. Can't do that with the big stores. Keep up the great work!!


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