4/26 Event: TRIBEZA presents Sketch.

TRIBEZA presents sketch

Bows + Arrows, 215 South Lamar

April 26th, 2009

Rachel Elsberry--blog, news, company representative.

Julia Plume--fashion designer, Texas Next Top Fashion Designer.

Rachel Youens--FOX News multimedia blogger, Austin Style Watch blog, Current TV, graduated from UT as a multimedia major. Considers NYLON coming to her “the big break.” Is finally now making money off her blog through online traffic.

Lauren Thumlert--owner of Bows + Arrows. Is decision maker on all items in her store; buys 6 months ahead (2 seasons) of what people can actually wear (ie buys shorts for June in December).

Marques Harper--style writer for the Austin American Statesman.

Jaimey Sloan--stylist, works in LA and Austin, NBC’s Friday Night Lights.

Lauren Ford--TRIBEZA editor-in-chief.

Side Note: All the quotations are direct quotes; everything else is what I gathered from my notes (I am already budgeting in a recorder for next time!) and paraphrased. The photo quality of the panelist just outright sucks 'cuz I did not find my super awesome digital camera until after the event and therefore I used my camera phone.
Personally, I got a lot of insight on what I want to do (fashion publication), and I cannot wait for more events such as this to happen!

What advice do you have for a young person?

Youens: “Do more. Do something.” Read Animal Talk, Sea of Shoes (both blogs). “Make contacts…Blogs take up my entire day, but it’s worth it…the more you know about video, the better.” Also mentioned HTML knowledge to make blog stand out from others.

Thumlert: “Internships.” Read: W, NYLON, blogs.

Ford: “Read about art and history, it’ll make you a better writer and more observant.”

Harper: Read: Vogue, ELLE, WWD. Work for free, as he once did for his first newspaper experience. Style your friends. Take photos. Recommends the Canon Powershot not only for its photo-taking ability but also for filming.

Plume: “Take business classes.”

Is the publication side of the spectrum a good industry:

Harper: "I'm not going to lie to you--it’s hard." Might not be able to write what you want at first, but never let go of your hobbies. You’re still a writer even if you’re not being paid for it.

What events in your life lead to your current position?

Sloan: UT film grad, was working at Waterloo Video when she met a producer’s assistant. Used to stylize a friend and then another friend would take the photos. “Work hard, put best foot forward. Keep yourself open for further possibilities.”

Plume: Couldn’t find stuff she liked that she could afford. Took a few classes (I’m assuming sewing; either she didn’t specify or I didn’t write it down), read books, researched, and took a year-and-a-half to launch her clothing line. Made a point to note that styles are becoming more personable as more people are becoming more DIY (do-it-yourself) and are getting away from mall culture.

A Day in Your Job:

Sloan: For NBC’s Friday Night Lights, she not only has to make the character believable (“what would be in their closet?”), she also has to keep the actors happy (actors portray character by not only personality traits but also aesthetics). In one episode, a character may one day be at the lake, another at the football game. There is a wide spectrum. Working is best “when the clothes talk to you.” Through thrifting, Sloan also makes the characters more believable for the viewers.

Spring Trends:

Harper: “Skinny jeans are going away…Explore vintage…Men clothing is once again appearing with more color: pop the color with a belt or shoe…”

Thumlert: Shorts, rompers.

Sloan: "Streamline what works for you."


Event Alert! TRIBEZA presents Sketch.

Was informed by one of my professors at school of Sketch, an event being presented by TRIBEZA.

Taken right from the flier:

On Sunday, April 26th, a panel discussion will be held with "some of Austin's best in the fashion industry." The panel will be held at the Bows + Arrows boutique, located at 215 South Lamar #C. Cupcakes will be provided by Delish along with lemonade, and following the panel discussion Shirley Pinkson, from W3LL, will provide makeup tips. The panel starts promptly at 3:15.
Space will be limited, so be sure to RSVP by sending an e-mail to lauren@tribeza.com

The panel will be moderated by Lauren Smith Ford, the managing editor of TRIBEZA; Marques Harper, Style Writer for the Austin American Statesman; Lauren Thumlert, owner of Bows + Arrows; Rachel Youens, blogger of Austin Style Watch; Jaimey Sloan, Stylist of Friday Night Lights (I'm assuming the TV show, as it is filmed in Austin) & Films; and Julia Plume, Fashion Designer.

I'm not sure if I can go yet due to my work schedule, but it looks as if it'll be a great opportunity! The flier says "14 to 18-year-olds," but seeing as how they put the flier at a college campus, I'm sure they meant to include college-aged folks as well.


Mod Bod.

My twentieth birthday is in less than a week, and I am debating whether or not to buy a new dress/outfit or to spruce up something everyone has already seen. In my search, I've found myself to be newly infatuated with Mod Cloth, www.modcloth.com: "Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage". Their dresses are cute to boot, along with their selection of skirts, blouses, swimwear, other clothing, and accessories. They even have decor for your apartment!

The Darling Daisy Top (4th image) made me smile as the blouse made think of Vladmir Nabokov's infamous Lolita: "I was a daisy fresh girl..." Then I saw the Eye Love You Shades (11th image) and I knew I just had to get them!

Kensington Garden Dress--$129.99; Floral Shop Skirt--$59.99; Coffee and Cigarette Ankle Jeans--$49.99; Darling Daisy Top--$39.99; Marigold Raincoat--$94.99; Magical Mystery Tour Coat--$99.99; Rain Delay Rainboots--$29.99; Tapestry Flats in Brown--$27.99; Bathing Beauty Retro Swimsuit in Emmy--$89.99; Polka Dot Party Tight--$14.95 (currently 50% off); Eye Love You Shades--$11.99; Fawned Of Hygiene Toothbrush Holder--$7.99.


Shoulder-Pads? Really? If You Insist...

I recently read a TIMES article about the reemergance of shoulder-pads. Now, I can remember as a kid playing dress-up in my mother's closet (in the early 90's, mind you) being completely bewildered at the idea of shoulder-pads. My mom told me they made her feel "empowered" and "bold". Maybe, but I was convinced they were silly. Fast-forward to 2009 and jet over to New York, because now I might just be a believer.
As of Fashion Week, they're ba-ack:
Miss Sixty
DVFHerve LegerAlexander Wang

Photo Credit: HuffingtonPost.com


Sunshine State of Mind.

I am currently spring-breaking in California and decided to highlight a few of my fave clothing stores here. While my vacation's predominantly in the Bay Area, the Los Angelan in me (I went to middle-school in Covina) can't help but want to visit SoCal if only for Val Surf, the L.A. County surfing staple.

Established in 1962 with their flagship in North Hollywood, Val Surf is a "well known destination spot for team riders, movie stars, and families alike" and boasts "one of the biggest selections of skateboards and skate shoes in the country!"

Val Surf not only carries their namesake brand, but also various women's, men's, and kids' brands: Volcom Girls, RVCA, Billabong, O'Neill, just to name a few, and the store even has onesies by Enspyre!

If you are not lucky enough to visit one of Val Surf's five stores, you can check out and order their merchandise online at ValSurf.com.

LF Stores, with its Beverly Hills location off Robertson Avenue, is probably one of my favorite boutique chains, ever. While I love to look at their online store at LFstores.com and have ordered many items (from shoes to dresses to jewelry) from them in the past, the online store does not make my heart nearly as happy as when I step into the actual store.

With hard-to-find brands such as Milau, Car Mar, Emma & Sam, and Funky Monkey Shoes, LF Stores has been featured in magazines due to the store's celebrity shoppers. Unfortunately, I will not be visiting the store on this trip, so the online (LFstores.com) 60% Off Entire Fall & Winter Sale will have to satiate for now.

My sister (left) and me in Sausalito, circa 2001.

San Francisco Shopping

There are many fantastic and unique boutiques in San Francisco: the only hinge is that if you're not a local, you may just end up at the Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre (The Westfield is a good mall but a mall all the same).

The local shopper knows that there are roughly five different fashion districts: Hayes Valley, North Beach, The Mission, Pacific Heights, and Sacramento Street.

Hayes Valley (located and centered on Hayes Street, and between Franklin west to Laguna) is claimed by many to be the area's best shopping. Filled not only with boutiques, Hayes Valley also has restaurants, art galleries, and designs studios. The best part? Hayes Valley does not house any big-name chain store.

North Beach (off Grant Avenue) was once the prime location in San Francisco for the Beat Generation. While embracing its Italian and hippie heritage, today North Beach still thrives with stores such as AB Fits (SF denim store since 1990), Alla Prima (European lingerie), and Ooma ("our dresses seduce, our tops charm, our skirts flirt").

The Mission District (area of parallel streets Vallenica and Mission, from 16th St south to 24th) is for the eclectic shopper, not the conformist. And with stores Dema (godemago.com) and Laku (lakuyaeko.com), how could "The Mission" be anything but?

Pacific Heights (north side of California Street and along Fillmore Street, south of Pacific Avenue) mixes the boutique chains (Betsey Johnson) with the speciality stores (Flicka, Scandinavian apparel and accessories). The result? Just enough of a little something for everyone!

Sacramento Street (west on Sacramento Street, from Broderick to Spruce) is home to the boutiques The Firm and Sarah Shaw, both great funky little shops in their own right. If you are looking for something you can't find in a department store, this is the place to be!
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