Austin Street Style: Marina.

Marina at The Art Institute of Austin campus today.
Marina's oversized button-up is from Zara.

Marina, a fashion student at The Art Institute of Austin, is in my physics class. Marina recently spent several months in New York City for an internship, and her authenticity as a style maven shows through every time I see her. Short in stature but not personality, Marina has a wardrobe any true fashion follower would be lucky to see.

Having a friendly face around class, especially in physics, helps. I'm beginning to think physics won't be my forte, as the homework goes something like this: Look at the problems while listening to music or The Colbert Report on Hulu. Google the formulas needed. Google words within the formulas. Ask for a calculator. Repeat until homework is complete.

I decided to take all of my science requirements for graduation at the same time which, looking back, was not the smartest thing to do when I haven't taken a science class in a good four years. Over the weekend, a friend of mine made flash cards for me, and I am putting them into use. I like to think I am getting into a nice Biology, Environmental Science, and Physics groove. We'll see when report cards come around.

Speaking of report cards, today was also the Honors Reception at The Art Institute of Austin, and guess who made the Dean's List? I was stoked about it, as I had taken two electives (Acting & Movement and Music Theory I) and had worked hard on the Fashion Capstone magazine. With graduation coming up, I realized today might be the last time I attend one of the school's receptions. Then the announcer called me out from the crowd, telling the crowd how I worked for the Fashion & Retail Management Department. With a mouthful of broccoli, I waved sheepishly as the announcer mentioned my blog.

Have you ever had random strangers talk to you about your blog? Well, when it's a reader, I say "Thank you," and ask how they found it (market research!). When people approach me after hearing about my blog, the conversation turns into "Yeah, it's about fashion...and stuff..." I need to make a concise, 30-second response (I'm told it's called an "elevator pitch") to this question. It's my goal for the week, folks!

Do you make weekly goals? Or are you in love with Marina's ensemble as much as I am?
After the Honors Reception with my friend, Maricette.


Austin Street Style: Dee.

The perfect boho-chic look. Dee's pants are from Free People.

Aren't these pants perfect for a few errands around town? Dee and I go to The Art Institute of Austin together, and I have always envied her hippie style.

Over the weekend, I hung out with myself and my dog. Basically, I was allowed a great deal of reflection, which is important when you've just started your penultimate quarter at school. Plus, it was too hot to walk anywhere.

What did I ponder over, you ask?

Well...in alphabetical order:

Apple crisp, amaretto sours, Christmas, coconuts, crayola art, evolution, gluten-free cupcake cones, graduation, Halloween, how one is supposed to eat a coconut, jewelry making, jumping jacks, kittens, macramé, my overuse of ellipses, piano songs I should learn, Resort 2012 previews, sewing projects I have started and never completed, telekinesis, the actual round rock of Round Rock, The Guild (web series), winter vacation, whether or not I've read every John Grisham novel (I haven't)...and so on.

Random, perhaps, but it's allowed me to narrow down my priorities. Such as with graduation, an internship is a requirement. I recently found an internship working with a local Native American-themed band as their stylist. It still needs to be approved, but I have a good feeling about it.

And then Halloween, my favorite holiday! It is NEVER too early to start planning your Halloween costume. I think I'm going to be Joan from AMC's Mad Men this year. I've been debating on whether or not to re-dye my hair red, so we'll see what happens as October approaches.

Also, sewing projects: there are pants that need to be hemmed, buttons that need resewing, basic tees that need to be embroidered. I'm a little on the broke side of life at the moment, but once I have enough money, I hope to conquer the growing pile of clothes that need decorating and mending.

As for The Guild? Hulu has been streaming all four seasons. I'm obsessed with it. If you're a gamer, or have friends that are gamers, it is laugh-out-loud funny. I saw the show's creator and lead actress, Felicia Day, at a Q&A during SXSW, and she's a talented lady.

Anywho. That's my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?


I Spy...

Summer break has ended, and you know what that means? I have internet access again!

Luckily, I took photos during my hiatus, so here's a peek at my adventures over the break.

Dress shorts at maya*.

INVENTORY: the book I won from The A.V. Club over Twitter.

Sparklies at New Bohemia.

One wicked shoe at Feathers Boutique.

More baubles at New Bohemia.A robot card from Monkey See, Monkey Do.

The best "I love you" card.
A gorgeous 1920s flapper dress at Feathers Boutique.

A key with pearls.

Food trailers on South Congress.

Shoe laces at Feathers Boutique.
The capitol building.A gnarly Winnie the Pooh.

Order number at Austin Java.

Round Rock Express tickets I won from Austin Monthly over Twitter.Records at Friends of Sound.
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