Adorn Yourself.

As a child, my #1 ambition was to be Holly Golightly from the Paramount Pictures flick Breakfast at Tiffany's. While I didn't understand the plot concept, I knew Miss Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn, was always decked out in the most fabulous jewelry...what more could a little girl ask for?
As someone that loves accessories but doesn't have an endless wad of cash, I'm constantly looking for great jewelry pieces. Whether it's costume or genuine, with or without precious or synthetic stones, I spend as much time at the jewelry counter as I do anywhere else in a store. I tend to find a few accessories worthwhile, and then start to elimintate pieces by how they may compliment my wardrobe. Usually my attention's caught by colors and the shine. I'm a sucker for all things natural, but lately I've purchased more quirky finds that suit my personality as well. As you should never over-accessorize an outfit, I never purchase anything I feel is too gaudy.

These gems are just a few of simple pieces that can make your outfit pop. The sixth piece, from the NOVICA by National Geographic Store, is my favorite, as it is handmade and one-of-a-kind!
Betsey Johnson 'Girlie Charms' Bracelet--$150 at Nordstrom.com; Heart Bird Skull Necklace--$8 at WetSeal.com and select stores; Heart Locket Necklace--$12.50 at Aeropostale.com and select stores (currently all online jewelry is buy 1 get 1 FREE); Turquoise Toggle Chip Bracelet--$25.00 at KVKDesigns.com; Blue Burst Cuff Bracelet--$14.95 at KVKDesigns.com; Cedar Bracelet, "Sunset Cloud" by Gerard Terrien--$52.95 at NOVICA.com; 14 K Gold Dolphin Hoop Earrings--$125 at JewelryCentral.com; Sterling Silver Red Crystal Flower Earrings--$11.97 at Overstock.com; Sterling Silver Heart-shaped Amethyst Earrings--$15.99 at Overstock.com.


Good Ol' Betsey and Dressing for SXSW.

Not only are people a-buzzing with talk of South By Southwest shows, but also the Fall 2009 line from Betsey Johnson: named the Betsey Johnson Archive, the line is essentially vintage Betsey Johnson dating from the 1960s-1980s but with a twist! The clothing will be updated by the founders of Opening Ceremony (OC), Umberto Leon and Carol Lim. Last year marked the 30th year of Betsey Johnson's signature collection and, with fresh ideas such as the Betsey Johnson Archive, it is sure to continue full-steam ahead! Go to WWD.com for more info.

Now, onto something more geotargeted: every day that I go to school at the Art Institute of Austin, I am in awe of what people are wearing. As a broke college student, I am always looking for the best deals. I am forever asking my fellow fashionistas where they love to shop, especially when they're wearing something that catches my eye. This also breaks the ice with people I don't know (everyone loves a compliment!).

The campus today was filled with gorgeously-dressed zeitgeists going to SXSW as soon as they finished hitting the books. FYI: second photo's headband is a complete do-it-yourself effort.


Boots, Start Walkin'!

The month of March isn't just about doldrums and spring. It's also all about Fashion Week, March Madness, and, if you live in Austin, TX, South by Southwest!

Since 1987, SXSW (or simply, "South By") has been bringing music to Austinites and music-loving roadtrippers alike. Kicking off today, this year's festival is no exception: Wednesday throughout Sunday, 1,800 music acts will grace downtown venues.

Three necessities for the South-Byer? A camera, bottled water, and good (walking) shoes.

Have you ever worn flip-flops in a crowd? Ever noticed how other people gravitate towards your feet and inevitably you're stepped on?

You might not be able to fix the problem entirely, but here are some stellar boots, sneakers, and booties that will give comfort and may even add height to your concert experience. Whether it's South by Southwest this weekend or some random Taylor Swift show later this summer with your kid sister, the pair of shoes you choose is an important decision.

Short Cowboy Boot--$32.50 at Wetseal.com and select stores; Funk Master High Top Sneakers--$26.80 at Forever21.com and select stores; Airwalk Knee High Kicks--$26.99 at Payless; 3436-20 IT"S A WRAP Boots by Irregular Choice--£69.99; Steve Madden 'Bonanza' Boot--$78.95 at Nordstrom; Pastry Pink Purple Fab Cookie Zipper--$69.99 at PastryKicks.com; Product 453--$79.99 at BapeShoeStore.com; We Who See Canvas Pleated Bootie--$68 at Urban Outfitters.


Put a Little Spring into Your Step.

Since moving from Montana to Texas last July, I have had no complaints with the weather: there are no blizzards wreaking havoc on my social life, I no longer have to dress like an Eskimo, and can actually enjoy spring clothing for a change.

Now that the doldrums of March weather are nearly over, it's been sunny and warm and that can only mean one thing--SPRING SHOPPING!

Feel free to indulge yourself, courtesy of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Flip-flops--$59 at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bracelet--$178 at Shopbop.com, Tie-Neck Blouse--$90.90 at Bluefly.com, Gatsby Stripe Shorts--$228 at eLuxury.com.

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