On The Road: from Austin, TX, to Anchorage, AK.

It's barely been a month since I've said so long to my life in Austin, and already so much has happened! John and I have both started working again, and we already have a house on base to move into next month. Slowly but surely, John and I are adjusting to life in Anchorage, and soon, we'll be ready for the winter...I hope! To help myself along, I recently splurged on a new peacoat.
Double Breasted Pleated Peacoat from Steve Madden.

I told John that it's the first new winter coat of the season--not the last! He scoffed at this, asking, "How many coats does a girl need?"

I have yet to determine the exact number, but I'm thinking four, at least. I want one with a vibrant and loud pattern, as well as a black one...and red! I've always wanted a red winter coat. I think the contrast with the snow will make it stand out. And of course, I will also need a coat with double-lining, for when the weather is severely cold out. 

What type of winter wear do you prefer? The coat I am wearing is a short wool, and it's very cozy. In Austin, however I could get away with just wearing a sweater or light jacket all winter long.  

Speaking of Austin, I finalized my photos from the Great North American Adventure I took last month. What I have posted are just a sample of what I saw, and I hope y'all enjoy them!
Goodbye, Austin.
Between Austin & Amarillo: "Anyone home?"
Wind Power: we saw fields of windmills in every state we crossed.
A wind propellor, at the Amtrak Station in Lamar, CO.
Back to the state where John & I first met...awww!
Couldn't resist this photo, as John is a long-distance relative of General George Custer.
General George Custer died at Battle of the Little Bighorn, in 1876.
With Biscuit in Garryowen, MT, edge of where Battle of the Little Bighorn took place.
In Bozeman, home of the Montana State Bobcats.
At the Clark Fork River in downtown Missoula, MT.
The "M" on the hillside is for "University of Montana".
With my sister/actress/singer/songwriter, Alyssa.
Wildlife Land Bridge--I wonder if the woodland creatures know of its existence.
Flathead Lake: the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River.
The resort town of Bigfork, on Flathead Lake, where John & I met in high-school.
The goofiest brother-sister portrait, ever!
(Everything I'm wearing is from Target.)
On our way through Canada, with our trusty Milespost & prayer quilt.
Leaving Edmonton, Alberta; home of the world's 5th largest shopping mall.
Enjoying ice-cream in my new H&M sweater & Simply Vera Vera Wang jeans, in British Columbia.
Headband & Sunglasses: Target. Crossover Bag: ModCloth.
At Mile O of the Alaska Highway in Dawson Creek, B.C.
So close, and yet so far away! from our destination.
Buffalo, napping, in the Yukon.
Lunch/Construction Break in the Yukon.
Finally in Alaska!
The only moose John & I saw the entire trip, outside of Anchorage.

Come back later this week for my post on West Edmonton Mall, North America's largest mall!

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From Anchorage, With Love...

Hi, everyone! I deserve a slap on the hand for not keeping y'all informed with my adventures since leaving Austin, but to be honest...I haven't had too many. Well, too many that were fashionable, anyway.

Let me begin by telling you how I arrived to Anchorage:

The day after I resigned from my position at Liquidation Channel, John and I hit the road. The trip took us from the heart of Texas to the panhandle of Oklahoma, then through Colorado and up to Montana by way of Wyoming. From Montana, my home state, we passed through Alberta, where we stayed in Edmonton for two nights. 

Edmonton is home of the world's 5th largest shopping mall. It was the world's largest mall until 2004--having grown up in Montana, my family used to frequent it in the nineties. The West Edmonton Mall is still the largest in North America, and while I didn't shop at the WEM like one would expect me to, John and I did cover a lot of ground in our 8-hour visit (I smell a blog post dedicated to the WEM). 

From Edmonton, John and I made our way through British Columbia and into the Yukon Territory, and onward to our Alaskan destination of Anchorage. 

We've been in temporary housing on base for two weeks, and I am not sure when we will have a housing offer. But don't fret for me, as I am making friends and having fun, as well as applying for jobs. Wish me luck?

Actually, I don't need your luck--I saw a double rainbow on my FIRST ALASKAN HIKE EVER.

Taken on Labor Day, 2012, from Flattop Mountain Trail.

Double rainbows are lucky, right?

I digress. By the end of this week, I should have all of my photos edited. Perhaps a post will pop out from them. I wish you all a fab & fashionable weekend!

Just below the summit on Flattop Mountain.

P.S. What do ya think of the new look?! 
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