First Friday: Splendid Trunk Show at Blush Boutique.

Since moving to Anchorage last fall, I haven't posted a lot about the on-goings in this northern city. Here's a little something to get the ball rolling:
Splendid Trunk Show, featuring the brand's S/S 2013 Collection.

Blush Boutique; 720 D Street, Suite C, Anchorage, AK 99501.

First Friday, May 3rd; 4:30-8 pm.

Other Info?
Enjoy Trunk Show Discounts.
Receive a Gift with Purchase (While Supplies Last).
Bubbly & Bites Provided by Ginger, a local Asian & Pacific Rim Cuisine Restaurant.

Need More Info?
Visit Blush Boutique on Facebook.

Image via Blush Boutique.


The Big 2-4.

Last week, two things happened:
I baked my own birthday cake, turned 24, and Hubs came home from his first deployment!

Okay, so maybe that was three things. 

To sum it up: it was an emotional week. Recent, national events reminded me to stop, enjoy life, and keep in touch with loved ones. 

Birthdays, to me, are what a New Year's Day is to others: it's a time to review the past year, evaluate my successes and failures, and outline what I would like to do before Earth completes another rotation around the sun. 

I'm not exactly sure what things I would like to accomplish before I turn 25. But I know when I read my previous reflection on turning 23,  I have to laugh. I had no idea what the entirety of the year had in store for me, and as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20.

I hope that my 24th year has as many adventures as my 23rd, if not more.

Speaking of adventures, now that Hubs is home, I have someone to share outdoor excursions with. Here are some of the photos I took on my birthday while hiking on base.
The moose came out for my birthday.
 Hubs, during our hike around Knik Arm.
The tide was coming in, and I decided to stand on a frozen mound of mud.
I felt like The Little Mermaid.
Knik Arm.
 At Six Mile Creek.
I couldn't be happier to have Hubs home!

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I Spy...The First of Many Anchorage Editions!

I know I (still) haven't written as much as I used to, but I am working on remedying that. I (still) have a slight fear of outfit posts and, to be honest, the snow here makes me not want to do anything but cozy up with my furbabies and watch chick flicks. I also never realized that living in a 3-bedroom house would take up so much time to clean.

So I've been going through old posts, thinking of ways I could write and share my recent experiences with all of my readers. I came across my old "I Spy" posts, and figured one was long over-due.

Also: just so everyone knows, I am a Nordstrom employee. As such, I am in no way instructed by the company as to what to post in regards to what I purchase & choose to share with y'all.

Now that I have that off my chest--I hope y'all enjoy the photos, as well as the weekend. Please send sunshine thoughts to Alaska; it has snowed over a foot in the past week!

Housewarming Gifts From My Father.
Heart-Shaped & Gluten-Free Chocolate-Chip Cookies.
A Retweet From the Land Down Under.
Six-Mile Lake on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.
A Lemon Drop at Glacier Brewhouse

A Moonrise.
Kate Spade Coaster (1 of 4), from Nordstrom.
A Simple List for Hubs.
Primping & Color-Blocking: 
Cap-Sleeve Turtleneck from Maurices, circa 2007. 
Pleated Skirt from Anthropologie, 2013.


Music Monday: Marina and the Diamonds.

Marina Diamandis is the brain behind Marina and the Diamonds, a new-wave pop confection that's come into its own over the past few years. Three years ago, the Welsh singer-songwriter released "The Family Jewels" to rave reviews but little airplay in the United States. Marina's vocal style set her apart from the rest of the pack, and she has since retooled her sound to make it more mainstream.

The result?

I have heard the following uptempo song on Top 40 radio, as well as stores I frequent, including H&M and American Eagle Outfitters.
"Primadonna," courtesy of Atlantic Records.

"Primadonna" is the lead single from her second album, Electra Heart. The album was released a year ago, and debuted number one in the UK and Ireland. It reached number thirty-one on the Billboard 200, and number two on the Dance/Electronic Chart in the United States. 

Marina said in a television interview that her inspirations for Electra Heart were Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Marie Antoinette. Marina, who says "the Diamonds" are her fans and not the band backing her, describes her style as "vintage, cheerleader, cartoon." 

Quite an interesting mix of words, but when you consider her lyrics, how could you expect anything less?
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