Music Monday: Marina and the Diamonds.

Marina Diamandis is the brain behind Marina and the Diamonds, a new-wave pop confection that's come into its own over the past few years. Three years ago, the Welsh singer-songwriter released "The Family Jewels" to rave reviews but little airplay in the United States. Marina's vocal style set her apart from the rest of the pack, and she has since retooled her sound to make it more mainstream.

The result?

I have heard the following uptempo song on Top 40 radio, as well as stores I frequent, including H&M and American Eagle Outfitters.
"Primadonna," courtesy of Atlantic Records.

"Primadonna" is the lead single from her second album, Electra Heart. The album was released a year ago, and debuted number one in the UK and Ireland. It reached number thirty-one on the Billboard 200, and number two on the Dance/Electronic Chart in the United States. 

Marina said in a television interview that her inspirations for Electra Heart were Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and Marie Antoinette. Marina, who says "the Diamonds" are her fans and not the band backing her, describes her style as "vintage, cheerleader, cartoon." 

Quite an interesting mix of words, but when you consider her lyrics, how could you expect anything less?


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