The Oughts: a decade of fashion in retrospect.

After reading a slew of "best-of" lists for this memorable decade, everything from Best Album to Best Song and Best Television Show, I've been wondering where the Most Memorable Fashions are. Because I feel like that although this decade did not have anything as glamorous as the flappers of the Roaring 20's, beautiful as Dior's New Look (1940's), groovy as the Hippie Revolution in the 1960's, or even as disco-ball shaking as the 70's, there was an impact made through its enormous display of sex. The following is a short overview of famous outfits and trends throughout the past decade.
Cartoons, sugary sweets, classic looks from the past inspired the Oughts.
The Oughts Decade's fashions started with a bang. Jennifer Lopez showed up to the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in a sheer Versace dress with a neckline that reached below her naval. This left many questions in peoples' minds: first, how did she get that dress to stay put? (Boob tape works wonders, my dears) Then the next question was, how much more revealing can one get?

Jenny from The Block in Versace.

Well, thank God we have Britney Spears to answer that question. In the following September on national television, no less, Britney shimmied her way out of a tuxedo while singing Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" to reveal a sparkly, nude get-up which left little to the imagination.
Pre-rehab Britney showing us how to back that thing up.
Apparently, as far as celebrities were concerned, we were living in Fashion Hell, and didn't quite know it until the 2001 Oscars when Bjork showed up in a white swan dress. Designed by Marjan Pejoski, the dress has since been sold on E-Bay for charity. The garment made the argument that if a dress is too absurd to never be in or out of style, can it be worn forever? Please, for the love of cygnets everywhere, no.

Bjork in the infamous Swan Dress.

In 2002, we began to see the appearance of trucker hats on the red carpet. Matched with showing your underwear and baring your midriff while wearing your name tag on your belt (ala Gwen Stefani), this look had trailer-park royalty written all over it. Unfortunately, this look didn't disappear until about 2004.

J.T. and Ashton Kutcher: truckers in a past life?
Taking a style tip right out of the Jackie O. handbook, oversized sunglasses became all the rage in 2003 and still are stylish. I actually never wore sunglasses until 2006. I've always hated seeing my eyebrows while wearing sunglasses, so my eyes were very thankful for this trend. Having not found a suitable pair in Montana, I finally found a pair of black, oversized sunglasses for $3 at a hotel gift-shop in Hawaii. Since then, I've jumped around from lavender to blue, along with brown, pink, and white.

As glasses grow, Mary-Kate and Ashley shrink.Myself sporting blue sunglasses from Wet Seal

Now a true shopaholic/fashionista couldn't be caught-dead in oversized sunglasses without her oversized, monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag. I swear, I've seen these bags everywhere from Austin to San Francisco, across the way to New York City and (oddly) Montana. I'll admit that I have one Louis Vuitton purse, but it's a gold tube bag, so it doesn't really scream "Louis Vuitton."

It just screams "gaudy" so I only take it out on rare occasions, especially since I broke one of the leather straps. Currently I also have a pink makeup-pouch that I use for coins, along with a black monogrammed wallet. My Louis Vuitton collection is made up from various gifts through the years, gifts I didn't ask for (kinda like the Barbie Dream House when I was 10 and had blown-up my Barbies the previous 4th of July). With that said, the most money I have ever paid for a purse is $20, and I have no desire to continue my LV collection.

Skinny jeans have taken over the planet the past couple years. They look best on those that are thin, but the curvy-set can wear them too--I'm living proof of this. The best tip is to make sure they actually fit--if they feel tight, get the next size. There are three types of skinny jeans: the cigarette jean, or straight leg, doesn't cling to your leg as much as other cuts, and are universally flattering. The "skinny jean" skinny jeans are tapered and stretchy, barely hugging the ankle. Super-skinny jeans give a sprayed-on look and are tight, form-fitting, and have the highest percentage of stretch fiber. When wearing skinny jeans, it's best to wear a long top that at least goes to your hip. For those with wide-hips, an empire-waistline is best. Skinny jeans look great with flats, heels, and tucked into boots.
Victoria Beckham in destroyed super-skinnys.

Just when you thought people were going to cover up, the no-pants trend popped up. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Sienna Miller...I haven't witnessed anyone that was not a celeb try out this look. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I never do.

Lady Gaga: No Pants Day, every day.

Honorable Mentions: Liquid Leggings, Bedazzled Graphic Tees (aka Ed Hardy), Manolo Blahniks/Louboutins/Jimmy Choos, Destroyed Jeans, Sex Hair, Taking Your Dog Hostage in Your Purse, Tattooed Chest Piece and Sleeves, and Uggs.

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  1. It is interesting to see the looks from throughout this decade. I'm not a fan of the no pants look. It looks stupid.

  2. great post! loved jlo's dress!!!

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  3. What a fantastic, comprehensive post, darling! Love it!


  4. Awesome post, I agree with all your points :)
    And I actually love that photo of mary kate and ashley in the glasses. Your own pair of blue glasses are amazing btw I love oversized sunnies!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw and I love yours, I will have to come back and see your new posts in the future :)

  5. Haha! Lady No Pants.

    I always tell people I wear oversize sunglasses to cover up my full spectrum of vision.

    Secretly, it's just because I like the way they look. Shhhh.

  6. ohhh trucker hats. i wish they would all just jump in a hole and stay there, unless they were doing a special duty for a fat guy driving a truck.



  7. What an amazing recap. I have to say, two of my favorite things would definitely have to be the super skinny jeans and the Jackie O. Sunglasses. I honestly feel naked without these two items in my possession!!

    Thanks so much for finding me; I have fallen completely in love with Bella Vogue, and am now following you. If you aren't already, will you follow me, as well? :)

  8. Hahaha awesome post! I remember ALL of these fashion moments. :) That JLO dress brought back a TON of memories. And oh, Britney...sigh. Those were the days. :P

    That pic of you in the sunglasses is so cute!

  9. I think this decade was a decade of hybrid fashion. I know they say fashion goes around in circles but i feel that a great deal of fashion focuses on past concepts and ideas. I've seen a few grandad jumpers in Topshop recently too....

  10. Thank goodness most people don't try to dress as celebrities! I too am praying that the no pants trend doesn't catch on!

  11. great post!!I can't stop laughing reading this..I like how you sum up all the fashion we've gone through these past years..it's like a trip through a time machine :)


  12. totally remembered these fashion moments (which some are disasters).
    and i dont want the no pants trend to continue in 2010 . i think celebrities sometimes dress like that to catch media attention . i love Gaga's songs but i HATE the way she dresses. its too weird :|

    thanks for sharing this with us !

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  13. ahh, fashion flashback. i remember when j.lo wore that dress and all the controversy around it. ahh and trucker hats! i have to admit, i desperately searched for one back in the day. :)

    definitely following you :)

  14. I love ur list. Very imformative and brings back memories! :P 2010.. sounds strange!


  15. GREAT list! I had forgotten about some of these trends (perhaps thankfully!)


  16. i LOVE this post! it's always so funny to think about the trends from a decade you're leaving.

  17. There are so many priceless quotes in this posts. I was litteraly laughing out loud. You f ing rock girl.

  18. This is a great post! I know they are polarizing, but I downright ADORE the Olsens. :) Together, they are my favorite part of '90s fashion.

    Oh! Don't forget "tramp stamps," those tattoos on the lower part of the back! I would also venture a whole new fashion category for "hipster chic," i.e. ripped leggings, high-waisted things, blunt bangs, bodysuits...accessorized by a Pabst beer.

  19. Wow amazing hun i love alot of the celebraties you have on this blog... btw thanks for the comment and feel free to subscribe.

  20. I love this post its really outstanding
    awesome collection I love the shoes and long boots in the pics


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