Austin Street Style: Katie.

Katie, at Zilker Botanical Garden on Saturday.
Guess who done graduated from college? That's right, this girl! I am so incredibly happy and relieved to have it all over with. I will miss some aspects of the academic life, especially my friends and professors. I will also miss my job at The Art Institute of Austin--I was the Fashion Assistant to the Fashion Department. Now, I'm down to the one retail job. Life will be a lot less busy now!
With my diploma, during graduation.
My entire family came to Austin for graduation. I spent most of the past week with them, as they flew in from California and Montana. It was a nice little break from reality to have them here. We ended up spending a good chunk of the visit just bumming around Austin. My graduation was on Thursday, so on Friday and Saturday we went downtown and to Zilker Park. 

I ended up snapping these photos at Zilker Botanical Garden! The botanical garden is a great place to visit, if you're ever in the city of Austin. There are 8 gardens, including a pre-historic garden, as well as a Japanese garden. It's one of the few places that is beautiful all year-round in Austin, as there are plants specifically for the winter months, as well as the spring. 

I also took a few other photos; hope you enjoy them! 
What a festive little handbag!
 My family at Zilker Botanical Garden.
 The Butler Window.
 Chillin' by the pond. 
Austin! Something is always "under construction". 


The Internship Chronicles.

As an intern, literally on my hands & knees.
For the past several months, I have been finding time between work and school to delve into the world of fashion styling. Why? In order to graduate, I had to complete an internship. The Art Institute of Austin requires 195 hours in order to graduate. I spent a lot of time thinking about what to do. In the end, I chose to be a stylist instead of working at a magazine or online publication because most of my school projects already showcase my writing. Now that I have completed my internship, I'm excited and fortunate to share my stories with you! As a student by day and style intern at night, I have been working exclusively with local musician, Allison Nagle.
Allison Nagle, musician, during our photo shoot at Georgetown Lake.
Ms. Nagle is a member of native tribal band Hakloka. Having studied music since childhood, Ms. Nagle has recently become a fixture at blues jams around the Austin area. Musical gatherings that Allie plays her bass at include Ted Hall's Blues Jam at Kick Butt Coffee (4600 Guadalupe) and Austin Blues Society's Monday Blues Jam at Antone's (213 West 5th Street). She recently became a member of The Forbidden Blues Band; they will have their first gig at El Leon's (1910 East Cesar Chavez) later this month.
Hakloka at a performance in Killeen.
When I began my internship, I primarily focused on Ms. Nagle's involvement with Native American music. Hakloka generally performs at area powwows and events, such as ASAWAN and The Four Winds Intertribal Society's annual powwow in Killeen. To provide authentic and appropriate looks for such performances, research was needed. In order to look professional, Ms. Nagle needed to wear proper attire while performing. Her outfits also could not be too showy, as many times she and Hakloka perform for dance companies, and attention is needed to be kept on the dancers. As information was limited, I mostly looked at previous performances and went from there.
Colorful costumes at ASAWAN.
As part of my internship duties, I also sat in on rehearsals. I feel listening to the actual performance music was a big help in the way of inspiration. Because Ms. Nagle was on a budget, we looked to thrifting, upcycling, and creating our own jewelry pieces to complete looks. Our favorite thrift store we ventured was a Goodwill in Round Rock (150 West Palm Valley Blvd.). Surprisingly, we found that thrift stores farther out of Austin were cheaper than those in the city of Austin itself. We bought cheap beads from Hobby Lobby and would make simple bracelets and anklets to better colorize Ms. Nagle's outfits.
Ms. Nagle at Goodwill. 
After going on such thrift adventures, I would meet with Ms. Nagle to make sure her new clothing fit. I would also show her how to style the garments to better fit her shape. I would mix-and-match the skirts and tops with different belts and shoes, to give her wardrobe variety. Sometimes, we supplemented her looks with pieces from my own closet. I believe our final budget came to just under $150. Because Ms. Nagle is not the fashion enthusiast I am, I also helped her come out of her shell a bit. This was the best part: watching Ms. Nagle transform into a performer. It motivated me to continue working with her.
Sifting through the shoe aisle...
Another thing that kept me on track with my internship was the recent "Tribe Vibe" trend. Ms. Nagle and I discussed it early on and decided to not go in the direction of feathers (it seemed cliché and trivial, as in different tribes, feathers carry many different meanings). Despite this, I found a color story within the Native American trend, which was made up entirely from earth tones and neutrals. Ms. Nagle and I went through a seasonal color analysis, and found that she is an Autumn. This means she looks best in rich earth tones, such as warm or yellow-based hues, as well as muted and muddy colors. This was a perfect direction for her looks.
A lot of our inspiration came from what we saw at the pow wows. 
Overall, by keeping good communications between Ms. Nagle and me, I was able to not only style for her tribal band gigs, I have now been asked to continue working with her as she furthers her blues scene endeavors. At her performances, Ms. Nagle has received many compliments from her outfits, which is due to her willingness to break out of her fashion mold. I was delighted to have my first styling experience with someone so easy to work with. I know this will not always be the case, but a girl can dream, right? I have learned so much from my internship and have felt the personal growth already, from my professionalism to client communication skills. I also became a better photographer, as I had a model to work with!

Please enjoy the following photos, as they are of Ms. Nagle's final looks.
Overlooking Georgetown Lake.
Walking barefoot, at Georgetown Lake.
At Georgetown Lake.
 In Killeen, with Hakloka bandmate Aaron Pyle.
 Various instruments used during Hakloka shows.
 Warming up in Killeen.
 At ASAWAN, in San Marcos.
During ASAWAN.
 Before her final performance at ASAWAN.
During Ted Hall's Blues Jam at Kick Butt Coffee.
During Ted Hall's Blues Jam.
 About to rock the stage at Antone's.
Ms. Nagle, on stage at Antone's.
At Georgetown Lake.

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Happy Small Business Saturday!

To all of my fellow Thanksgiving celebrators--I hope you had a fashionable & family-filled holiday! I know I did. I decided to stay in Texas for a traditional day of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie (I am a vegetarian; no turkey for me!), with a friend's family. I will be seeing my own family in several weeks, at graduation. It would be too expensive for me to fly out to Montana or California for one weekend. Maybe next year!
In Quintana, TX, with my dog, Biscuit! 

Did anyone shop their hearts out for Black Friday? I only went to ULTA, as I needed to stock up on some much-needed beauty essentials.

What about Small Business Saturday? I've always thought small businesses are the backbone of America, and I'm happy that today marks the second-annual Small Business Saturday. The Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States, as well as the Saturday after Black Friday, this day is to support the local businesses that make one town different from the next. Anyone can shop Macy's/Nordstrom/insert-big-department-store-name-here any time, in nearly every city or suburb. But what about the local faves? Not so much.

Unfortunately, I have to work a double today, but I did stop at Star Co. Coffee (114 East Main Street; Round Rock) for my morning pick-me-up.

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My first purchase from JewelMint.

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My JewelMint bracelet and Biscuit!

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I Spy...A Few of My Favorite Things!

I had my first meeting about graduation today. In a month and five days, I will no longer be an undergrad. The closer it gets, the less stress I feel, but I am still ridiculously over-scheduled within all areas of my life at the moment. 

My blog is suffering from abandonment issues! But updating Bella Vogue doesn't help my productivity level, at least where homework is concerned. At all. To make things worse, I have been plagued with chronic bronchitis for the past several weeks. Talk about terrible timing!  I haven't done a street style post in what feels like forever, so please bear with me as I post a few more photos of the things that I do when I'm not doing everything else. I've also included Chanel's recent nail polish ad--I cannot get over how totes adorbs it is! 

Oh, my, I'm beginning to say things like "totes" and "adorbs"...I'm going to step away from my laptop, and finish my accounting homework. Cheers!

Chanel's Shade Parade.
Blowing bubbles at Co-Lab.
My inner 12-year-old screams with delight when I play Jenga.
My go-to fashion accessories for autumn?
Red cloche (Kohl's) & wayfarer sunglasses (thrifted).
Poker is best when you're gambling with chocolate.
ROYGBIV'n it up with acrylics.
I make breakfast at night.
Video courtesy of Chanel.


This is how we do Halloweekend in Austin.

Hello there, ladies and gents! It feels like decades have passed since my last update. I'm still swamped with school and work, but I decided to have a little break over the last couple days. Since Halloween was last night, I thought I would share my pictures from this spooky weekend with y'all. Did anyone else dress up for the holiday? Please, do share your stories! I have no social life right now, so I need to live vicariously through others' stories and photos. Have a not-so-terrifying Tuesday, folks!  
 Sitting at home, as a Dead Beauty Queen from the early 1900s.
My sash read "Miss Montana". 
 Wolverine, Jules Winnfield, and Jack Twist.
 Black Swan and Bar Wench.
 Allie was a Hooker Mime.
 All that glitters is gold!
From the rooftop of Trinity Music Hall;
Allie and I caught a set from local band Sip Sip.


I Spy...People, Places, and Things, Oh My!

Despite my hectic, I-go-to-school-and-have-two-jobs-and-an-internship schedule, I've managed to sneak in a few lighthearted moments of fun. Of course, I've taken photos of my adventures. In the vein of my previous "I Spy..." post, the snapshots are in a loosely organized fashion.

Happy Monday!
Order numbers at El Taquito in Round Rock:
1941 is one of my favorite films!

Juliana Azar, co-owner of Blackbird Clothes & Curios, is pictured right. Her store tied with Green House for "Best New Business" in The Austin Chronicle's "Best of Austin 2011" Readers Poll. You may recall both boutiques were featured in The Rock the Casbah Fashion Show.
Breed & Co. (718 W. 29th Street) was named
"Best Local Hardware Store" in the same poll.
Decorative night-lights at Breed & Co.
Anyone ever watch the "Put a Bird On It" clip from Portlandia?
The story of my life fits on a magnet!
Outside Breed & Co., with one of the many CowParade displays
that are in Austin at the moment.
Allie, checking out the sweets counter at Breed & Co.
"The candy man can 'cause he mixes it with love
and makes the world taste good."
-- Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
"The Playscape Project" at Breed & Co. was a chance for local architects
to show off their designs for playscapes for small-backyard use.
At Co-Lab (613 Allen Street); the program for MARFITA --
La Virgen Appears: Marfa Re-Mapped.
MARFITA is a large-scale installation
by Josh T. Franco, Alison Kuo, and Joshua Saunders,
with Natalie Goodnow.
I never figured out if the empty beverage containers were meant to be a part of the installation, or if they were litter....
Virgin Mary candles.
I believe this was a miniature artillery shed at MARFITA.
Ted Hall's Blues Jam at Kick Butt Coffee (4600 Guadalupe).
Off to work!
Blouse: Mad Men for Banana Republic; Clam Diggers: Maurices; Flats: J. Crew.

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