I swear, I'll update again soon!

I'm pretty sure I'm the only blogger I know that says "hey, I can update again!" and then doesn't follow through. I could blame my adorkable boyfriend, hectic sleep schedule, and perpetually energetic dog, but if I just rearranged some things, I could easily update my blog within an hour, no problem.

So that is what I am doing; I am rearranging.

I've come to the recent realization that my life is cluttered, and I'm trimming the fat out.

And that's where I get stuck with B.V. I can honestly say I was better at updating this blog when I was in college with two jobs and an internship than I am with one full-time job (strange, but true). But B.V. isn't a waste of time, it's a hobby. A hobby that allows me to be creative and express my thoughts on the things I like,  the trends I am obsessed with, and what I love about living in Austin. That's what I keep coming back to with this blog; writing it makes me happy. I just need to take out the other extras, the other distractions, and get back to writing.

So, expect a "real" update soon. I've re-watched a couple of my favorite fashion films lately, and I have all these handwritten notes on the impact period dramas have on the fashion industry and my own perception of fashion history.

Speaking of which...Hello, Gatsby:

I've been following Baz Luhrmann's journey with The Great Gatsby through his website, Bazmark Inq. I am looking forward to December, when his interpretation of the classic American novel will be released.

My infatuation with the 1920s started in high-school fashion class; this infatuation grew in history and literature classes, where I was intrigued at how the era has been romanticized in novels and film. I have a feeling Luhrmann's retelling of The Great Gatsby will be only add to the myths and legends of the zeitgeist that existed in that roaring decade.

"Zeitgeist", in case you didn't know, is German for "spirit of the time". Carey Mulligan seems to slip right into whichever decade her character is in as effortlessly as she wears that shift dress. 

Spirit of the time, indeed.
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