From Anchorage, With Love...

Hi, everyone! I deserve a slap on the hand for not keeping y'all informed with my adventures since leaving Austin, but to be honest...I haven't had too many. Well, too many that were fashionable, anyway.

Let me begin by telling you how I arrived to Anchorage:

The day after I resigned from my position at Liquidation Channel, John and I hit the road. The trip took us from the heart of Texas to the panhandle of Oklahoma, then through Colorado and up to Montana by way of Wyoming. From Montana, my home state, we passed through Alberta, where we stayed in Edmonton for two nights. 

Edmonton is home of the world's 5th largest shopping mall. It was the world's largest mall until 2004--having grown up in Montana, my family used to frequent it in the nineties. The West Edmonton Mall is still the largest in North America, and while I didn't shop at the WEM like one would expect me to, John and I did cover a lot of ground in our 8-hour visit (I smell a blog post dedicated to the WEM). 

From Edmonton, John and I made our way through British Columbia and into the Yukon Territory, and onward to our Alaskan destination of Anchorage. 

We've been in temporary housing on base for two weeks, and I am not sure when we will have a housing offer. But don't fret for me, as I am making friends and having fun, as well as applying for jobs. Wish me luck?

Actually, I don't need your luck--I saw a double rainbow on my FIRST ALASKAN HIKE EVER.

Taken on Labor Day, 2012, from Flattop Mountain Trail.

Double rainbows are lucky, right?

I digress. By the end of this week, I should have all of my photos edited. Perhaps a post will pop out from them. I wish you all a fab & fashionable weekend!

Just below the summit on Flattop Mountain.

P.S. What do ya think of the new look?! 


  1. Quite a journey you have had .... love the pictures!!! Good Luck with job hunt!!!

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  2. That rainbow is insane!! So glad I found you blog! Come say hi!

  3. I think it is wonderful that you are embracing your new life, Chelsea! These photographs are beautiful!! :)

  4. I loved the pictures are beautiful!
    Post interesting and inspiring!
    Thank you for visit and comment!
    A big kiss to you! :)

  5. I have been loving all of the pictures that you have posted. They are so beautiful. I'm jealous!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Woah- Double Rainbow! What a fun little Roadtrip to take as newly weds!

    PS Did you watch The Voice last night? So far I'm loving De'borah!!!! Can't wait to watch tonight!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! Love the view. We have double rainbows here all the time, most likely because of all the rain, haha :) Am glad you are enjoying yourself...keep doing it!! Have a wonderful week :) xx

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! That rainbow is crazy!!


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