Boots, Start Walkin'!

The month of March isn't just about doldrums and spring. It's also all about Fashion Week, March Madness, and, if you live in Austin, TX, South by Southwest!

Since 1987, SXSW (or simply, "South By") has been bringing music to Austinites and music-loving roadtrippers alike. Kicking off today, this year's festival is no exception: Wednesday throughout Sunday, 1,800 music acts will grace downtown venues.

Three necessities for the South-Byer? A camera, bottled water, and good (walking) shoes.

Have you ever worn flip-flops in a crowd? Ever noticed how other people gravitate towards your feet and inevitably you're stepped on?

You might not be able to fix the problem entirely, but here are some stellar boots, sneakers, and booties that will give comfort and may even add height to your concert experience. Whether it's South by Southwest this weekend or some random Taylor Swift show later this summer with your kid sister, the pair of shoes you choose is an important decision.

Short Cowboy Boot--$32.50 at Wetseal.com and select stores; Funk Master High Top Sneakers--$26.80 at Forever21.com and select stores; Airwalk Knee High Kicks--$26.99 at Payless; 3436-20 IT"S A WRAP Boots by Irregular Choice--£69.99; Steve Madden 'Bonanza' Boot--$78.95 at Nordstrom; Pastry Pink Purple Fab Cookie Zipper--$69.99 at PastryKicks.com; Product 453--$79.99 at BapeShoeStore.com; We Who See Canvas Pleated Bootie--$68 at Urban Outfitters.

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  1. Good shoes were soooo key at SXSW - I wore what I called my "orthopedic flats" which are just ballet flats with arch support insoles. It's a good way to still wear your favorite shoes with a bit of needed cushioning!



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