Good Ol' Betsey and Dressing for SXSW.

Not only are people a-buzzing with talk of South By Southwest shows, but also the Fall 2009 line from Betsey Johnson: named the Betsey Johnson Archive, the line is essentially vintage Betsey Johnson dating from the 1960s-1980s but with a twist! The clothing will be updated by the founders of Opening Ceremony (OC), Umberto Leon and Carol Lim. Last year marked the 30th year of Betsey Johnson's signature collection and, with fresh ideas such as the Betsey Johnson Archive, it is sure to continue full-steam ahead! Go to WWD.com for more info.

Now, onto something more geotargeted: every day that I go to school at the Art Institute of Austin, I am in awe of what people are wearing. As a broke college student, I am always looking for the best deals. I am forever asking my fellow fashionistas where they love to shop, especially when they're wearing something that catches my eye. This also breaks the ice with people I don't know (everyone loves a compliment!).

The campus today was filled with gorgeously-dressed zeitgeists going to SXSW as soon as they finished hitting the books. FYI: second photo's headband is a complete do-it-yourself effort.

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