Event Alert! TRIBEZA presents Sketch.

Was informed by one of my professors at school of Sketch, an event being presented by TRIBEZA.

Taken right from the flier:

On Sunday, April 26th, a panel discussion will be held with "some of Austin's best in the fashion industry." The panel will be held at the Bows + Arrows boutique, located at 215 South Lamar #C. Cupcakes will be provided by Delish along with lemonade, and following the panel discussion Shirley Pinkson, from W3LL, will provide makeup tips. The panel starts promptly at 3:15.
Space will be limited, so be sure to RSVP by sending an e-mail to lauren@tribeza.com

The panel will be moderated by Lauren Smith Ford, the managing editor of TRIBEZA; Marques Harper, Style Writer for the Austin American Statesman; Lauren Thumlert, owner of Bows + Arrows; Rachel Youens, blogger of Austin Style Watch; Jaimey Sloan, Stylist of Friday Night Lights (I'm assuming the TV show, as it is filmed in Austin) & Films; and Julia Plume, Fashion Designer.

I'm not sure if I can go yet due to my work schedule, but it looks as if it'll be a great opportunity! The flier says "14 to 18-year-olds," but seeing as how they put the flier at a college campus, I'm sure they meant to include college-aged folks as well.


  1. UGH so sad that I missed it! this is what I get for not checking my RSS feeds before the weekend! Thanks for posting these events - I'll make it eventually!


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