I ♥ Austin: ACL Aftershows! Gagarazzi! Pop-Up Shops! TRIBEZA Style Week!

I never thought September would be this busy. Around the time rumors started floating around about this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival line-up, I vowed that I wouldn't buy a 3-day pass because (1. I didn't have the money, (2. I needed to focus on saving money, and (3. I thought maybe I would be stressed out about graduation.

I am definitely stressed out about graduation. I am in the second-to-last quarter of my college career, folks. In a week-and-a-half, I'll be in the last quarter. In three months and one day, I'll have a Bachelor's of Science diploma in my hands! After six years and three colleges (you read that right: three!), I'll be able to add "College Graduate" to the list of words I use to describe myself. I'm simultaneously ecstatic and terrified.

So, I'm going to do what I do best: take a deep breath, put on some music, and keep this blog post simple, with a sprinkle of upcoming events in Austin (I sound as if I'm decorating cupcakes; I wish I had time to bake cupcakes!).
Tortoise & Blonde will be hosting a showcase at Estilo (234 W. 2nd Street; Austin) this Saturday, from 1-5 pm. If you're in Austin and cannot make it to Zilker Park for the 10th Austin City Limits Music Festival, you can enter to win ACL Aftershow tix to Bright Eyes or Empire Of The Sun while at Estilo. The bands are playing their ACL Aftershows that same night; Bright Eyes at Stubb's and Empire Of The Sun at Austin Music Hall, respectively.

If I didn't already have internship commitments to tend to, I would so be there--even if an ACL Aftershow ticket giveaway wasn't involved. Tortoise & Blonde's vintage eyewear frames are right up my alley. And their mission statement is inspiring:
Listen to some tunes while shopping for new glasses, and maybe win some ACL Aftershow tix? Sounds like a great non-ACL Fest Saturday to me!

Moving on.
My favorite locally-owned magazine, TRIBEZA is hosting yet another Style Week! Presented by Dachis Group and beginning September 22nd, this year's TRIBEZA Style Week will include: boutique crawls, designer showcases, runway shows, and SKETCH--an educational panel for students interested in the fashion industry.

If anyone remembers, back when Bella Vogue was in its infancy, I went to SKETCH at Bows +Arrows. I highly recommend attending, as I gained an insight to many industry-related careers.

TRIBEZA Style Week really deserves its own post. Until then, check out the official TRIBEZA Style Week website for more details, along with all the answers to your ticket & pricing inquiries.
Painted by Haylan Teel: prints will be available for purchase at Gagarazzi.
Last but DEFINITELY not least: Gagarazzi is on the 30th, at The Highball, and benefits Equality Texas. Sponsored by Yelp and Homespun Horror, it's going to be a Gaga-mania evening, filled with burlesque, comedy acts, live music, the most Gaga-riffic raffle EVER (includes a print of the above flyer), and much more! I have my costume figured out. Do you? RSVP on Facebook, little monsters!

Thank you to IntegratePR, Tortoise & Blonde, and TRIBEZA for the images! Homespun Horror gets a BIG thanks for the image AND video.


  1. If you don't post your Gaga-riffic outfit, I'm going to be PISSED.
    P.S. If I was in the Austin area, I would totally go with you. This sounds like a good time.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. wow there's so much going in where you live! I had no idea Austin was such a fashion spot. I want to go to that Gaga thing so bad!!! so many outfits to choose from.

  3. I wish I live there, so much things going on! Enjoy :)

  4. Wow that's a lot of great events! Good luck with your graduation!

  5. Gagarazzi sounds like it is going to be such a blast! :)

  6. wow, a lot of amazing events, and look all so fun!

  7. You always make me feel terrible about living just 2 hours away from Austin! :P

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  8. Post this Gaga outfit lady! :) xo style, she wrote

  9. how cool does Tribeza sound?!!! i love gaga.


  10. OMGEEEE Gagarazzi sounds amazing! I'm so bummed I didn't have a chance to do ACL this year, they had such a great lineup, and I LOVE Empire of the Sun! We are in the same boat (trying to save money) *sigh*

  11. Good luck with the rest of your time at uni! Graduation will come round sooner than you think. Totally miss uni days :)

  12. I really like the glasses the lady is wearing!


  13. Gagarazzi looks ridiculously fun :) I love that promo poster - very psychedelic.

    Good luck on your last days of uni!


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