SXSW Meets Laura Ingalls Wilder.

While I'm very excited to have my first outfit post, I need to gush about SXSW2010 for a bit.

The volunteer call on Sunday was 2-6, and boy, am I glad my roommate wanted to get there early! The place was not that busy when we arrived, but by the time we left, it was packed. So glad to have been in the first-round, as all of my hours are before the music portion of the festival even begins.

I've scheduled myself for 50 hours, which will earn me a SX Music Pass. While the SX Music Pass does not guarantee me priority access (damn you, badge-holders!), I can go to SXSW music showcase venues, music trade show, panels, and the Sunday BBQ and Baseball Tournament. I also get a Music Big Bag (free swag!) and a Music Directory.

My volunteers hours for the the 23rd annual music and media conference & festival are during Bag Stuffing Set-Up, Bag Stuffing (filling those free swag! bags takes a while), and Hospitality (maintaining the SXSW staff & volunteer area).

I'm not quite sure how much of the actual festival I will be able to enjoy, as money is tight right now. However, as long as I scrimp and save all of February--don't go shopping--and don't do anything for my spring break (which is a week after the festival ends), I can ask for work off.

The good news is the Art Institute of Austin is allowing me to skip classes during my volunteer times!

Anywho. Enough about SXSW. Let's talk about what I wore to the Volunteer Call on Sunday.

"My name is Chelsea. I read all of the original Little House on the Prairie books before the fourth grade. I had a childhood crush on Almanzo Wilder after reading The Long Winter."

Close-Up on the Skirt Purse.
Dress is My Story from Strut.
Belt is gifted BKE from Buckle, circa 2006.
Jeggings are Wet Seal from...wait for it...Wet Seal, circa Fall 2008.
Boots are gifted & vintage horse show Tony Lamas, circa 1960s.
Handmade purse was purchased from a boutique in 2006 on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, CA.

Thanks to SXSW2010 for the logo.


  1. Hi there....
    It's lovely outfit...

    I loved your boot... It's so cool...

  2. First, ohmigosh I have wanted to go to SXSW for ages, but I've never had the chance; therefore, I plan on experiencing it vicariously through you!

    Second, I absolutely adore your belt and boots; and I too was obsessed with Little House On the Prairie as a child - I read each and every book, and saw every episode of the TV show!! :)

  3. I've never ventured into Strut - now I want to go!

  4. You are adorable! Love Texas and Little House!

    I see you are a fashion student, if you are planning to move to NYC upon graduation you may want to check out my blog.

  5. the skirt purse is VERY cute !
    i love the tiered ruffles .

    thanks soo much for dropping by at my blog :D
    hope you'll check out my new post up now :D

    love . michelle @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  6. that purse is AMAZING!!! sweet.

    lauren @ www.papergownfashion.blogspot.com

  7. aww love it! great boots and i'm definitely feeling the little house on the prairie vibe. freakin loved those books!

  8. love the floral dress! it's beautiful <33

  9. Amanda - you've GOT to hit up Strut.

    Chelsea - Yay SXSW! I can't believe it is almost here, OMG. You should do a series of outfit posts worn during SX! Because with all of the walking, rocking (and sometimes biking) around, I know I'm frequently at a loss as to what to wear that is cute...but...functional. Ew, "functional."

  10. aww yay SXSW will be soo fun! too bad i won't be there this year! don't be sad about the no priority access thing. the past 5 times i've attended sxsw i've never had a problem w/ or w/o a badge. normally i just walk right in.

  11. That bag is so adorable! And I'm so envious of your music pass! I want to go to more shows!

  12. I am totally freaking out over your skirt purse. It is so beautiful and AMAZING!! I love it. :)

  13. such a cute skirt purse!
    thanls for stopping by & your comment, hope to see u again soon :)


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