Baby, It's About to Get Freezing Cold Outside.

I'm trying desperately to ignore the latest weather reports of nearly freezing temperatures for tomorrow and Friday. I don't have anything that's really warm to combat this slight dip. All I have to keep me warm is one good jacket that's more for show than warmth, and a few fleece-lined hoodies left over from my (horribly maladroit) snowboarding days. Those tend to get rather bulky, and make me feel as if I just transformed into Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. You should see my Yetti impression when I'm wearing a faux-fur coat. Apparently it's quite hilarious after I've had a few drinks.

That's why I love this military coat from Kenneth Cole. Long-sleeved with both breast and in-seam pockets, the coat's shell is 60% wool, 30% polyester, along with 5% rayon and the rest is labeled as "other" fibers. The lining is 100% polyester. I like how this jacket could be a "wonderful coat" compliment, but you can't necessarily see what you're wearing under it (such as my pajamas while getting Starbuck's). I also like the look of the pleats; not too small, not too big. The coat comes in both gravel and black, as show. You can find it at Overstock.com.

Of course, the traditional pea coat is not a bad choice, either. Today a classic, the pea coat, or pea jacket, has military beginnings: it was used in the "cold weather uniform" worn by Navy sailors in Europe, most notably the British and Dutch. Coco Chanel helped keep the style popular in the early 20th century, as she boldly made ladies' clothing more androgynous than previous styles.

It's a great style to turn to, and I adore the peacoat I found at Delias.com. It comes in an array of colors, including classic black, sunny yellow, and seductive pomegranate. The oversized hook-and-eye closure at the neck is my fave part. There's nothing more to dislike than to have only your neck be cold because the coat does not button there!
The just-as-classic trench coat has been a must-have for the fall, and will continue to be one through the new year. I especially like the Latte by Coffee Shop Plaid Trench at Nordstrom. It has a fuller skirt than most coats in the back, which gives this coat a unique twist. The bow is also a nice touch, a little fun in something that someone else may perceive as serious. "Business in the front, party in the back" may be the slogan for mullets, but I think this coat gives the saying a whole new, sophisticated meaning. Unfortunately, others may have liked this coat a bit too much: I had found my size a few weeks ago, but it is no longer available! When choosing coats, it's important to make an investment in its color as well as its durability. I tend to go for one solid color or a plaid pattern. Black is definitely my favorite jacket color if it's solid; green or burgundy-based palettes if it's a pattern. I'm obsessed with buttons since inheriting my mother's button collection, and those can be easily changed out. What color and style is your favorite coat, shown here or at home?

Special thanks to the 1984 Columbia Pictures film Ghostbusters.


  1. I prefer military Coats :)
    Like the second one above, but the coat should be black and have golden buttons. LOVE <33

    and thanks for ur lovely cmnt on my blog!
    xxx T.Linh

  2. Omg I want that first jacket!! I've been looking for a nice tailored, single-breasted jacket. Thanks, girl!

  3. I always like black pea coats because you can dress them up with fun scarves for a pop of color ;)

    Stay warm! Im hoping something dramatic happens (i.e. snow or ice) but living in Texas, I know better.

  4. hahaha i love mr. marshmallow man :P and those jackets are gorgeous. i remember when i worked at delia's, my favorite part were the jackets every winter. :)

  5. I love double-breasted pea coats! They're so classy, chic, and sophisticated; yet can be completely playful, as well!! :)

  6. Marshmallow man looks amazing! I love those coats :) I like the Navy blue coat , it looks so warm and cozy!

  7. Hy! You did a wonderful "magazine like" review on these coats. Loved it!

    Thanks for commenting on my page :D

    Have a lovely day,


  8. I really like that last coat because of the bow on its back, makes it so much more girlie and special:)

    I also love bright colour coats like red or yellow!!

    Great post:)


  9. Such gorgeous coats, and great advice, darling!
    Fab post!


  10. i love the classic khaki trench coats from burberry! they are so traditional and last forever! (at least that's what i'm told!)

  11. i love the trench coat! great post <3

  12. totally love that bow-back coat . adds a touch of sweetness .

    thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
    loved this post very much .
    thanks for sharing..

    visit / comment / follow me back at..

  13. My sis and I totally watched Ghostbusters this weekend! It's freezing here in Florida. Go figure. Love that bow bedecked coat!

  14. i like the military coats the most!

    i read your previous posts and i laughed a lot with your sincerity :P i'm following you ;)

  15. Oh, it is so hard to be warm without looking bulky! So frustrating.
    I really love the coat you posted with the bow on the back. What a cute detail!

  16. All of this is so cute!

    Lovely blog!


  17. I've got a long bright red coat.
    I love coats that are different. Bright colours, big collars, and for winter I always buy a long coat.
    The one with the bow is really nice!

    ♥ agirlcandream-myrthe.blogspot.com ♥


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