LC: Lauren Conrad at Kohl's.

With the new season of The Hills, Lauren Conrad's launch couldn't come at a better time.

Although she no longer appears on the show, the media is still talking about her. Lauren has been just as busy as before: along with her new line, Conrad has been on the Best Sellers List with her debut novel, LA Candy. She is currently in talks to adapt her book into a movie.

Her last clothing line, the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kitson's, became defunct after it failed to sell. Reports blamed this on LC's inability to promote the line.

I never bought anything from her previous line, as it was too simple for something so expensive.

But at Kohl's, Lauren Conrad has a lower price-point.

Everything is selling for $60 or less, and it's currently on sale.

What do you think of the line? If Conrad was going for a more casual look over exciting, she hit the mark. The clothes do look comfy, and the use of color is more subtle than extreme. However, overall, much like the People's List for Best Dressed, I find the garments to be uninspiring and rather drabby.

Perhaps because Conrad's clothing is already on-sale, Kohl's predicting the line will fare less than well. Only time will tell if Lauren Conrad's line will stick this time around.

Photos courtesy of Kohl's.


  1. wow, i think it looks plain jane. nothing new or exciting, you know? just kind of frumpy and mute. and, you can pick up any of these sort of billowy tops at forever 21 if you wanted to.

  2. Looking at the pics, I wouldn't pick anything.
    Her own collection was more inspiring and spoke more individuality.
    x Laura

  3. I was excited about her line coming out at Kohl's, because I LOVE the way she dresses, but this looks nothing like her. The beige/tan stripe shirt looks like a maternity shirt! Ugh! When she comes out with a line that screams Lauren it will sell like hot cakes.

  4. I think Lauren has great personal style, so it was surprising to see such poor designs from her line.


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