People's 10 Best Dressed.

The infamous annual list was revealed today, with the First Lady Michelle Obama leading the Best Dressed List (Best Accessible Glamour). Others included in the 10 Best Dressed List were Kate Winslet (Best Red Carpet), Nicole Richie (Best Maternity), Reese Witherspoon (Best Short Dresses), Cameron Diaz (Best Jeans), Kim Kardashian (Best Bikini), Taylor Swift (Best Sparkle), Beyonce (Best Street Chic), Freida Pinto (Best Use of Color), and Vanessa Hudgens (Best Boho Style).
I am not at all impressed with the list. I feel as it if is uninspired. Seeing Michelle, Kate, and Freida on the list does make me happy; however, I would never associate Kim Kardashian with Best Anything, except perhaps "Best Example of How Not to Act on TV." Taylor Swift is all right, and could definitely use a boost of self-esteem after Kanye West's childish behavior, but Best Sparkle? She looks like she rolled in silver glitter. Perhaps she felt she had to glam it up a bit, as people did slam her for always wearing cowboy boots before. I do have to give props to Nicole Richie for turning around her style. Anyone remember how awful she first appeared when The Simple Life began? Also, the second photo of Vanessa Hudgens cannot be classified as boho. I think Olivia Wilde much betters embody the boho-chic look, especially since I feel it is also a part of her lifestyle.
Do you have any thoughts on the list?

Who did you think should have been included (or discluded)?

Photo Credit: People.com

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