Whitney Eve: Made With Love, 2009 Fall Collection.

All right, so after reading comments on Lauren Conrad's LC line at Kohl's, I wanted to know what y'all thought of Whitney Port's clothing line, Whitney Eve.

Whitney Port, of MTV's The Hills fame, moved to New York City and started fresh on The City.
The show follows Ms. Port as she navigates through the Big Apple, while working at Diane Von Furstenberg and beginning her fashion line. Unfortunately, as was the case with The Hills, you don't get to see any fashion design. The show is chock-full of drama, as in the first season, Whitney competes with her coworker, Olivia, and falls in-and-out of love with her boyfriend, Jay.

The new season has begun with Ms. Port switching back to her job at People's Revolution with a new roommate and coworker, Roxy, as Olivia starts fresh at the accessory department of Elle.

Don't let the reality shows fool you--Port's background in fashion is a how-to in fashion interning: she spent three summers at W, a summer at WWD, and of course interned at Teen Vogue before becoming a fashion contributor for the magazine.

Personally, I love the look of her 2009 Fall/Holiday Collection. With spurts of fuschia balanced with silver, black, and pearl tones, it's just the right amount of color. I love the flowy tops. A little vampy, a little dressy, the line is Whitney Port, all grown-up.

The Whitney Eve Collection beats LC's, hands down. Of course, the price-point is much higher; $150-$300 is the range.

You can shop the Fall/Holiday 2009 Lookbook at Whitneyeve.com. Although Ms. Port debuted her 2010 Spring Collection at Fashion Week in New York City last month, the collection is not currently up.
Photos Courtesy of Whitneyeve.com

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  1. I actually REALLY like her clothes. Whitney always seemed like a girl with a good head on her shoulders, anyway, so this doesn't suprise me. hope the line does well. :)


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