It's A Hair Story.

The 18th of June marked my first anniversary with my husband. 
Happy Anniversary to Us!
Doesn't Hubs look adorkable in Ralph Lauren?
I felt pretty, oh-so pretty! in my Taylor Tonal Stripe Fit & Flare Dress (Nordstrom).
Clutch: Gucci (circa 2005).
Heels: American Eagle (circa 2012).

While getting ready for our dinner at Simon and Seafort's, a seafood restaurant that has won several "Best of Alaska" awards, I realized it has also been over a year since I cut off a good length of my hair.

Initially, I cut my hair because it made sense: without a car, I was walking in the Texas heat every day. My thick, long curls carried more weight, more sweat, and took longer to naturally dry (I have never liked using heat on my hair; I don't even own a blow dryer).
Long Hair, Don't Care at South By Southwest 2012:
wearing a pleated Lulu's dress, via Texas Style Council, & vintage Tony Lama boots.

I wasn't nervous or scared when I told the stylist to cut so much. She kept asking me "Are you sure? I don't want you to be mad at me!"

My short hair got a few responses from people at my place of work at the time; one of the television hosts I was working with told me that I was "very brave for such a drastic change."

I didn't feel brave. The only thing I felt after was surprised: my cut locks revealed hair that had not been damaged by the sun, wisps of hair that were much darker. 

Then, as I adjusted to having shorter hairstyle, I felt an appreciation for my natural curls. I had tiny tendrils I had never noticed before. I could style my hair without using a number of products, I could use a Shampoo Plus Conditioner, and I could just shower and go! It was amazing.
Natural curl, with an Instagram filter.

Now that my hair is longer, I may one day cut it short again. Right now my goal is to learn how to style my longer hair: I've never been great at braids or fancy hairstyles. I would like to be, though. Maybe, in another year, I'll be blogging about that accomplishment!
My hair has gotten so long in a year!
Wearing: Vince Camuto Cuff Ankle Pants (Nordstrom); Collective Concepts Eyelet Shirt (Nordstrom);
Michael Kors leather flats (Nordstrom; similar).

I wear these shoes (and these Vince Camuto pants) all the time at work! Both are ultra-comfy.
My favorite bracelet, from a gift shop in Borrego Springs. My sister gave it to me a few Christmases ago!
My necklace came from Blackbird Clothes & Curios, in Austin (now closed).

Readers, have you ever done anything drastic with your hair? 


  1. Happy Anniversary to you :)) You both look great!! I like your hair in both lengths. I have long, thick curly hair too, it can be a nightmare at times. I've had all kinds of hair cuts as well, at the moment it's long and I'm fine with it. I liked it short, but it didn't look right curly, so I had to straighten it all the time and that became tiresome. Te short look on you was very pretty, I think you suit it both ways. A change is always nice. I hope you have a great day doll x

  2. Happy Anniversary, darling!
    Love the bold new look!


  3. Personally, I love your hair - your curls always look gorgey!

    P.S. Happy Belated Anniversary! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! That dress was awesome on you!

  5. You look so happy! It must be nice being married to someone you love


  6. Happy belated anniversary!

    And I would kill to have long thick hair. However, it's all down to what YOU want. I think you look fab either way ;)


  7. great post girl! how about followin eachother? Lemme know xoxo

  8. Refreshingly bouncy curls. They look lovely.


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