Emerging from Hibernation.

What does one say after a long hiatus? I could say nothing at all, but a few things led to my personal hibernation from Bella Vogue:
A skier jumps during Fur Rendezvous Festival in downtown Anchorage.

I have immensely enjoyed being unattached to the Internet, and have been actively participating in all things Anchorage. One of my favorite events this year (so far) has been Fur Rendezvous Festival. The annual event took place near the end of February.

Known as "Fur Rondy" to locals, the week-long winter carnival may be the best in the United States. Fur Rondy offers a variety of activities, from dog-sled races to a chance to run with reindeer. My sister happened to be in town during this year's winter carnival, and we made it a point to visit the Snow Sculpture Competition. 
A "Log" Cabin snow sculpture. The competition at Fur Rondy was sponsored by GCI.

Something else that has kept me on my toes?

I changed jobs, as well as companies. I am now working for Pandora, the Danish jewelry company that specializes in sterling silver, 14k gold, and two-tone charm bracelets. Other product categories include necklaces, pendants, and earrings. I love working for Pandora, as I have always enjoyed helping people find things that make them (or loved ones) happy. Charms are a great way to share one's triumphs in life. I should note that as a Pandora employee, I am not required to post anything about them. If I happen to, it's because I want to.

Speaking of things I do because I want to...my current obsession is photographing Alaskan sunsets. I take the bulk of my sunset shots from the roof of the 5th Avenue Mall Parking Garage, as I walk from my car after work.

Looking to Mount Susitna, the sky takes my breath away as the days gain more and more light. Mount Susitna is known as the "Sleeping Woman," and legend says she is dreaming of her fallen warrior's return.
Can you make out the shape of the Sleeping Woman from this blurred shot? 
Urban Wilderness: someday I shall paint the Anchorage skyline.
Until then, I will litter my Instagram feed with its stark contrast of color and concrete.

Painting is currently the most relaxing activity I partake in. .

I named the above piece "Alaska in Winter," for I was going to fix the letters in order to make the piece a tad more legible. Then I realized that would be like the state of Alaska fixing the road service markers. I get anxiety from trying to tell which lane of traffic I'm supposed to be in on a wintry day. Painting helps. 

So does blogging. As I emerge from my self-induced hibernation, I look forward to sharing my adventures--fashionable or not--once again. 

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  1. Welcome back doll, I think breaks are good at times. Am glad you found things to bring you enjoyment too. I love watching sunsets/sunrises...it's the most peaceful times of the day really. Everything is so still. I look forward to 'seeing' more of you around here. Have a lovely week doll xx


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