I Spy: Summertime in Alaska!

I know Summer Solstice isn't for a few more weeks. However, after the longest winter on record in Anchorage, the warmer weather has been refreshing.
What Spring? While hiking around Chugach State Park two weeks ago.

Friends, you should note that with "warmer weather," I mean highs in the 60's. A lot of people have been asking how I've adjusted from the warm weather of Texas to the cooler Alaskan climate.

Let me tell you: this past winter season was my first in five years. Having grown up in Montana, I am not a stranger to snow. Despite that, I had forgotten how to live in a cold weather climate. Let's just say the past nine months have been an adjustment. I throw around the word "acclimating" a lot. The problem is, I haven't acclimated just yet. 
Biscuit has acclimated! She has also learned how to ride in the back of John's truck.

I guess the toughest part about adjusting to the weather has been changing my diet to ensure that I don't gain weight because of the cold. I have been a gluten-free vegetarian for almost five years. I chose this particular lifestyle for personal health reasons. After a lot of thinking, I recently reintroduced fish back into my diet. This now means I am a pescetarian; someone who abstains from eating all meat and animal flesh, with the exception of fish. The decision was not the easiest: while Hubs was deployed, I actually lived as a vegan. 
If I were vegan, I could not enjoy my homemade sundaes.
This particular one has chocolate syrup, strawberries, and vanilla bean ice-cream.
Glass from Nordstrom; Spoon from Anthropologie.

Three things came to me when I decided to start eating fish again: 

First, fish is a local product here in Alaska. By eating fish from the state of Alaska, I am helping the local economy. 

Second, economically speaking, it's easier for Hubs (who eats meat) and me to share a few more foods within our diets. Hubs doesn't have to be gluten-free, so we buy separate breads and cereals. He has started drinking almond milk, among other things, which I appreciate. Grocery shopping has become less of a hassle now that I've started eating fish again. 

Lastly, because I became a vegetarian for various health reasons, I can now say that the main reason I became vegetarian is now irrelevant. Last year, when I had to go through the process of being medically cleared to make the move to Alaska (the government considers Alaska military bases to be overseas, or OCONUS, so spouses and dependents need special medical clearance), I learned that the health problem that drew concern is now gone. I will never start eating red meat or fowl again, but it is a relief to know that my efforts to live healthy are paying off. 

Will I eat fish every day? No. Will I eat fish for the rest of my life? Probably not. For right now, though, it makes sense to do so.

Speaking of living healthy, I gained about 15 pounds last year when I moved to Alaska. I'm happy to say that, since the beginning of the year, I have shed that extra weight and then some. Hubs and I are going to visit my California family in July, so I recently made a few purchases just for the vacation. I was shocked to see how many inches I have lost. Words cannot describe the joy I felt trying on swimsuits, especially the little Badgley Mischka number I ended up with. I cannot wait for next month! 
A small preview of what I will wear on vacation:

Things are slowly starting to come together again in my life. It's taken a few months, and having Hubs deployed was not easy. I am lucky to have him home again. Since he's been home, we've been discussing whether or not I should get my Master's degree at University of Alaska-Anchorage. I keep going back and forth on whether to pursue my MBA, or receive a Master's in the Art of Teaching. It will be fun to figure out which path I should take.

Until then, I am going to enjoy my first Alaskan summer.
 The sun starts to make its presence known at 4:30 am.


  1. Awww...Biscuit! I am so loving your vacation-wear. And that homemade sundae? Hello...give it to me now! :P

  2. You are brave...because I would not be able to live in Alaska. I can not take the winter at all. I would freak out there. Hero! I hope the eating changes work well for you, sounds crazy, but whatever is best to maintain a healthy state there is needed. Have a gorgeous day doll x

  3. Holy moley! I love reading your posts of your journey to Anchorage. I have family that is from the area. Also, I'm a vegetarian! I have been for awhile, but have never thought of introducing fish into my diet. My boyfriend (who I live with) does eat meat, and it's also a hassle to go grocery shopping, especially since he's lactose intolerant and the majority of what I eat has cheese / milk. I know how you feel! :/
    Anyway, have a great week!


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