Anchorage: A Recap of Epic Proportions.

First Friday may have been over a week ago, but a few things have kept me away from posting a recap:

  • I bought a gently-used desk, and was finally able to organize my home office.
The walls are still a little bare, but I love that my home office is organized!
On a boat! I saw humpback whales, a gray whale, porpoises, seals, sea lions, eagles, and a puffin.
Wearing:The North Face 'K' Rain Trench (Nordstrom), 
Zella 'Barely Flare Booty' Pants (Nordstrom), and Nike Kids' gloves (Burlington).
Barely shown: previously photographed green H&M sweater, circa 2012.
  • I baked gluten-free, honey & chocolate-chip drop cookies for Hubs.
My mother was a pastry chef, so I grew up baking from scratch.
  • I've been working on my fitness. I've lost 15+ pounds since the beginning of 2013. When Hubs gets home, we're going to the gym!
  • I've been getting crafty with paint & glitter.

I love buying wood crafts from Michael's & making them my own!
  • Blogger has been having issues with their image uploader. It's such a waste of time to try to write a post when the photos aren't uploading correctly.
All right, so as for Blush: I went to their First Friday event solo, as I got off from work at 7 and the event was ending at 8. When I arrived, I was barely greeted. I was only told of the 20% discount on the Splendid merchandise when I asked for a fitting room. There wasn't any music playing in the store, so while in the fitting room, I listened to the sales girls' gossip about, well, other girls.

The entire experience was strange, as I usually enjoy shopping at the boutique. Maybe I hit them up on an off-night.
One things I have to say about Splendid: their merchandise is always extremely soft!
Wearing: Splendid's Bellini Jacket, Vince Camuto Skinny Ankle Pants (JBER Military Exchange), 
and Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's tee (Wet Seal, circa 2009).

The owner of the shop was very helpful, and I asked her what types of events the shop had coming up. In June, Blush is celebrating its store's anniversary, so I may post about that in the future.


  1. Lots of great things. Love the little glitter box, very pretty!! I hope you are doing well doll xx

  2. Love the fact you have your own home office!

    I had one back at my parents house but maaaan, this whole living on your own thing is hard, ha!

    The glitter box looks stunning!




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