Music Monday: Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey in a global fashion campaign for H&;M.

Lana Del Rey seems to be everywhere these days. Describing herself as a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" and her music as "sadcore," the singer enchants with her seductive, Lolita-inspired lyrics. She's won awards, sung for worldwide fashion campaigns, and created music videos that feel more like full-blown cinematic experiences. Del Rey has already bounced back from harsh criticism, and has released two albums and three EPs. How did she start out, though? And is Lana Del Rey even her real name?
Del Rey in her music video for "Born To Die."

Sadly, the answer is no. Lana Del Rey is the stage name of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (she has also recorded under Mary Jailer). After having previous recordings shelved, Lizzy Grant released her first full-length album in 2010, Lana Del Rey A.K.A. Lizzy Grant, to no one's anticipation.

It was a flop.

After a name change and image retooling, Lana Del Rey did something millions do: she posted a video onto YouTube. Weeks later, she was signed by Interscope. The song she posted, "Video Games," was named one of the Best Songs of 2011 by NME. However, a  bad performance on Saturday Night Live nearly ruined her ride to success. Her handlers canceled several shows in the wake of the appearance, even a gig at South By Southwest.  Still, within a month after her SNL mishap, Del Rey's Born To Die was released. The album went on to sell over 3.4 million copies, becoming the 5th best-selling album of 2012.
Born To Die album cover.

So what is Lizzy Grant, er, Lana Del Rey doing now? She was the spokesperson for H&M's 2012 campaign, and surprised critics by winning "International Female Solo Artist" at the 2013 BRIT Awards. Del Rey's most recent EP, Paradise, was released on November 12th of last year.
Promotion photo for Born To Die: The Paradise Edition.

Fans could either buy the EP as a part of the Born To Die: Paradise Edition, or by itself. The EP, made up of eight songs, featured more of Del Rey's smoky, lounge singer vocals over sleepy beats. Most saw the EP as an improvement from Born To Die. "Ride," released in September, was the lead single. 

What do you think of Lana Del Rey? Do you like her throwback, Americana style? 

Image Credit: Thanks to Lana Del Rey's official Facebook, Interscope Records, and H&M.


  1. Isn't she just beautiful? Nice post.... thanks for sharing.
    nothing but a pigeon

  2. I really like her! I found her while listening to my Ellie Goulding station on Pandora. I love finding new music!

  3. Yes she's everywhere, yet she's so cute!:)
    Happy Friday!


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