Austin Street Style & Wish Swimwear Fashion Show.

Myself, Dee, and Megan!

Last night was the Wish Ut Swimwear Collection Fashion Show at the Quarters' Nueces House. I went with my friends Megan and Dee.

Fun Tid-Bits: Megan is the former president of the Art Institue of Austin Fashion Club, Ai Style, while Dee is the current president (I'm the secretary).

I share all of my classes with these ladies this quarter, and over the past few months we've shared many adventures in Austin. Nothing compares to the unexpected undertaking we had last night, however: we had no real clue as to where we were going for the show. We knew where Nueces and 23rd Street were, but we didn't know where this 'house' was.

We got lost, parked, wandered around, and Megan bravely asked other people how to get there.

Waiting as Megan asked for directions.

Upon our arrival to the pool at the Nueces House, we found out the show wasn't starting for another 40 minutes (this is what happens when you make plans via Facebook). Dee, Megan, and I decided to go back to the Saxbys Coffee (2222 Rio Grande), where Megan had first stopped for directions (we got our final directions from boys at a rental agency).

At Saxbys Coffee.D & M walking back to the Quarters' Nueces House.

The show started at 9 o'clock, and let me tell you...I have never been so excited for a new swimsuit in my life. I have eight years of swim-team under my belt and one day I would like to design swimwear, so seeing a live swimwear collection prance before my eyes was the ultimate Wednesday night. Plus, it's always nice to go to other fashion shows in order to gain inspiration for future shows. Although it was a bit chilly out, the models did a swell job. I have to give them props, as they looked as if the temps did not bother them. Here are the photos I took:

Which swimwear look is your fave?


  1. Three beautiful friends ... I guess birds of the same feathers really do flock together.

    I don't wear bikinis anymore ... my son freaks out. Boo!

  2. Fun pics, darling!
    Love all those bikinis!


  3. I'd have to say that my favorite picture is the first one on your blog :)


  4. Ah, what a fun event; but even more fun is the adventure the three of you went on to get there! I think the third to last look is my favorite - loving the blue!! :)

  5. That night was one of the best I have ever had in the ATX and specially with really great friends. I totally bought that one bathing suit with the red and the bling!
    It was great!! Adventure and all..

  6. @ Megan: Yay, and I am going there Saturday after my SXSW meeting at Mangia's...

  7. oh how fun! i'm a (former) swimmer as well and wish i lived somewhere warm so i had more of an excuse to wear swimwear... these are really cute!

  8. Thanks for the love!We love show casing our collections and we couldn't do it without our VIP'S!Thanks for coming to the show!More to come soon!

    The girls of WISH!

  9. Love these shots! So going to attempt that open sweater or shirt or short dress and long necklace over a bikini.


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