SXSW 2010 Adventures

I've been putting off writing this post because I am in the midst of finals...but I have something else I want to post, and I don't want to get out-of-order on anything.

My South By Southwest experience this years was amazing, to say the least.

From volunteering (hospitality--feeding volunteers) to walking around town and actually going to shows...I had a blast.

After my first day of volunteering.

Last Wednesday I wrote about local band Brazos, and I was lucky enough to get in a few more events and shows.

On Thursday, I went to the American Apparel SXSW Flea Market with my friend Megan.
Megan, if you'll remember, might as well be my partner-in-crime: we've gotten lost together, have shopped vintage together, and have now skipped class together (we were caught up in the class, but still).

This time around, we also met boys from Jersey...

We talked about their hair.
At the Flea Market, I ended up buying a red swimsuit top and a blue "Legalize America Now." tee for 12 bucks. Megan found a dress, a duffel bag, and a shirt for less than $50.

The Flea Market was held in a tent outside the Mexican Cultural Center (600 River Street).

With Megan later that night.
On Friday, I heard a drive-by snippet of Cheap Trick(not pictured--we only saw them because we were stuck in traffic), locals Meggan Carney & the Flying Trapeze, saw a set at Valhalla with Japanese rockers Geeks, heard the only Miike Snow song I know and ran into the Mohawk just to catch the band do the song, and saw Ra Ra Riot for the second time (they opened for Death Cab For Cutie last May).

On Saturday night, I caught the end of Justin Townes Earl (not pictured; ridiculously dirty lyrics), learned She&Him didn't get a sound check, went back to Valhalla to see the London-based Stricken City, the Virginian band Gifts From Enola, and rounded the evening out with Boston's Caspian.

I can't even begin to express the craziness of SXSW2010, but if you ever get a chance to attend, you should. Next year, I'll have a Platinum Badge and I'll be 21 (less than a month--April 21st!), so I'm already planning my schedule accordingly.

Thanks to SXSW for the YouTube clip.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I need more live music in my life!

  2. Purdy red lips you got here, sister. :)

  3. Dude! I bet you served food to me! I was an interactive panel volunteer, I bet we ran into each other!!! Also, I too was at the AA flea market sale on Thursday. What if we were there at the same time too?

    I feel like I should say "small world" but with SXSW, I really shouldn't be surprised, haha!

  4. @ Elle : Yes, yes, you do :)
    @ Tolly : Thanks!
    @ Kayla : I worked Hospitality the first Friday-Monday, and was in the front on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday and Monday I was working on the to-go orders...so maybe!

  5. Just know that I am DYING right now - I love every last bit of this post. I literally feel like I was there; unfortunately, I wasn't. But you were, and that's just as exciting!! :)

  6. OH I want to go someday! I hear it's so fun!


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