Snow Day and Swimwear Go Hand-in-Hand Like an Oxymoron and Common Sense!

I can remember once when I was going to Sunset Valley Elementary in South Austin, the school district closed for a day because of a quarter-inch of snow. I have no idea how much it snowed today but it was fantastic. Check out my snowball fight with my friend BJ right before I left the Art Institute of Austin campus this afternoon:
The Montanan versus the Ginger.
"This isn't fair! You're used to this stuff! You're from Montana!" -- BJ.
"...I love you?" -- Me, after I sneak attacked him in the face.

Sliding into "reload snowball" mode.

I had so much fun playing in the snow! For my 8 AM class, only 6 of the 16 came to school, so I had an easy class and ventured outside with the fashion girls to frolic about. It's been melted from my yard for about six hours now, but it's still freezing cold, so my South By Southwest crew meeting was canceled due to worries of ice on the road. You win some, you lose some.

Oddly enough, the day it snows in Austin I receive an e-mail from Wish Ut about a swimwear fashion show! The store will be showing its springswimwear collection at The Quarters (2300 Nueces Street) on March 3rd at 8 PM. All ages are welcome, and I'm excited that it's on a day that I can actually go (now I need to switch my hours at work, but I'll live). Haven't been to a Wish fashion show in a while, and maybe this time I'll remember to take my camera!

I'd like to thank those who've commented since Sunday for all the get-well wishes, along with the good thoughts for Mariel Mentink. I'm still sick, but I'm managing it now, whereas before I didn't even want to breathe. If you're in the Austin area or from Chicago, be sure to read my previous blog regarding the Bike For Your Rights event taking place at the Shangri-La on Thursday for Mariel Mentink.
Sure do wish I had a warm coat like this wool Via Spiga toggle coat from Bluefly! Stay warm, lovelies!


  1. love that coat too! i'm so tired of the snow here but at least you got to play in it a bit!

  2. Hope you're feeling better... I love those snow pics, so fun! And that coat is just too fabulous! xoxo

  3. LOVE that coat!!!

    And we had a sprinkle of snow in Atlanta last month..a sprinkle is all we can handle and the city still shuts down. lol.

  4. LOL, it looks like you had a great time! I envy you because in my country it snows very rarely!

  5. Fun pics, darling!
    And that coat IS gorgeous!


  6. Oh, I so want to have a snowball fight. But honestly, now I see why you're sick...too much playing in the snow! Loving these pictures! I too am in love with that coat - the cream color is divine!

    Get well soon, my love!! :)

  7. It's not quite as chilly here, but it was still a nasty, cold and rainy day in Florida. Ugh. LOVE that coat!

  8. haha cute post! and i love that coat ;)

    xx lue

  9. aww fun in the snow, its the best....and that coat is to die for!!


  10. that toggle coat is beyond gorgeous! i wish i had one just like it too :)
    and you look like you're having so much fun in the snow! there's nothing better than going outside and going crazy in the snow then running back indoors to warm up!

  11. I really love that white coat!

    Nice blog : ) I am a new follower.

    Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.


  12. I do like that Via Spiga toggle coat-very chic and cool! And sorry, but your snow makes me laugh :) I know its not all that common in Austin, but then again neither is 16" in Central Park! But glad you had fun with your little bits of snow, I am having fun with my lump sum of it. And oh, I'm really happy you stumbled upon my blog-you've got a great one here yourself :)

  13. aw thanks for adding me to your austin links!! <3 <3 and looks like you had fun with the snow ;)



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