Bike For Your Rights: benefit for Mariel Mentink.

I realize I haven't posted in about two weeks: I've been dealing with a nasty chronic bronchitis that won't go away, plus after Foods Not Bombs two weeks ago I found out via e-mail that my brother's aunt passed away. Then Alexander McQueen killed himself, which left me feeling more depressed than I already was, so I've been extraordinarily busy and sick and just trying not to overwork myself because I can't afford to be sick. But with that said, I actually have nothing to complain about, unlike others who are in need of support now:

On the morning of New Year's Day, a cyclist named Mariel Mentink was struck from behind while on her commute home. The 40 mph hit-and-run left Mariel in the intensive-care unit at Brackenridge, and doctors and nurses are still tending to her injuries: skull fractures, broken vertebrae, and other cracked bones. You can read about Mariel's ongoing recovery here, which notes that the back operation Mariel underwent takes six months for the pain to subside. Four days ago, Mariel stood for the first time since January 1st.

With that said, the cycling community has rallied for Mariel and the Mentink family. This coming Thursday, February 25th, the Shangri-La (1016 East 6th Street) is hosting a fundraiser and benefit to help support the Mentinks and raise bike safety awareness in Austin.

The list of local businesses helping out with the benefit is long (Shangri-La, Bijou Tattoo, Freewheeling Bicycles, Whole Foods, Xen Kitchen, etc.), and you can visit the Facebook page here for more information. You can also visit Support Mariel Mentink for information regarding future benefits in support of Mariel. As Mariel is a resident of Chicago, there is information on the Support website about benefits in the Chicago area as well.

Also, if you live or are frequently near where she was hit at (MLK near Springdale), be sure visit the Help Find Who Hit Mariel Mentink Facebook page.


  1. Wow! What a tragic story; but what a wonderful cause. If I lived closer I would most definitely be interested in participating. :)

  2. Great cause!

    Hope you feel better, darling!



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