Austin Weekends are One-of-a-Kind.

Chopping veggies for Food Not Bombs yesterday at the 21st Street Co-Op.

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog, while really on top of being ill (chronic bronchitis), I've been ridiculously busy, and have had a few unexpected things come up (one being a computer virus...gnah!). One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more active in doing things that fit not only what I want to do with my life (fashion writing/styling, etc.), but also things that entertain the insatiable parts of my life: the want to do things that I used to do with my mother has been gnawing at me for months, namely cooking. This weekend I was able to do things that were both productive for my future career and things that my mother would have been proud of.

On Friday, after coming home from work at 11:30 PM, my roomie told me of an extras casting call for the Coen Brothers' remake of True Grit. The Coen Brothers have a dear place in my heart, as I am an avid fan of their Odyssey-inspired 2000 flick O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The film was a favorite of my mother's and a treasured favorite in my family. In fact, my whole entire town (Bigfork, MT) seemed to fall in love with the movie. Through the years, I have sang various renditions of the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. The last time I sang a song for the film was at my mother's wake in Montana; my sister and I sang "Down to the River to Pray." Here's the scene in the film:

I was excited until I found out the last casting call was the next day, a day which I had to work during most of. However, after some awesome time management skills that included taking a series of headshots in less than 15 minutes, I was able to attend the casting call. I even ran into my friend, Anton, while typing up the requested paperwork at the Art Institute campus.

Ridiculous stories ensued, and I taught Anton how to take his measurements.

Fun Facts about Anton:
He is an Art Institute film major and doesn't drink coffee.

Since I live near 51st Street but didn't know where the Red Building was, Anton and I carpooled.

Also, because the lovely Rose of Pink Sun Drops asked how it went: Since the film is a remake of True Grit and the premise of the film is set somewhere between 1870-1900 the crew was looking for people with "characteristics". They basically refused to see anyone who had chemical/processed hair, and also wrote on the info sheet that they weren't looking for necessarily gorgeous people. I have a gap between my front teeth (I asked my grandmother to pay for a school-sponsored trip to DC & Boston rather than get braces when I was 13), a crooked nose (a girl broke my nose by punching me in the face when I was 16), and a wine-stain birth mark on my right cheek. Along with naturally curly hair, a decent figure, past equestrian experience, and a knack for old westerns (I can't help it: Gary Cooper was born in Helena, Montana, in my great-great-grandmother's house--which is the only reason that house is still standing to this day), and the people there they said they would be surprised if I wasn't called back.

I wore a black spaghetti-strap top (Wet Seal) , a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans (thrifted from Buffalo Exchange).

I know that doesn't mean anything, as they may have just been trying to not hurt my feelings, and like my dad siad, I shouldn't get my hopes up. The thing is, if I decide to do costuming/styling/consulting for films in the future, I think this would a great insider's view of what a day for the head stylist would be. In all, even if nothing transpires from this, it was a new Austin adventure that could only be this entertaining because it is what it is: an opportunity to be in a remake of a classic film.

On Sunday, which was my day off from both work and school, my friend Alex and I went to the 21st Street Co-Op to cook for Food Not Bombs. Food Not Bombs is a volunteer organization that protests war and povertry through making vegetarian and vegan meals for the homeless. The Austin Chapter meets at the 21st Street Co-Op Kitchen at about 2:30 on Sunday afternoons to serve meals at Woolridge Park (9th & Guadalupe) around 6 in the evening. You can visit the Austin Chapter's Myspace here.

Emily, one of the volunteers I met.

I'm hoping this can be a regular thing for me, as I miss working in a kitchen (my mother was a chef and I have 9 years of restaurant experience), but I usually work on Sundays. Either way, I met new faces and saw some old ones (I briefly lived at the 21st Street Co-Op when I moved back to Austin in 2008), and had a fantastic time. I liked the volunteer aspect as well, as I have been homeless and I think I can give a little back now that I have more control in my life than ever before. Enjoy the photos and tell me about your weekend!

Alex and me, relaxing on the back porch-swing at the Co-Op while taking a break from chopping vegetables.

Alex and Chris, making mashed potatoes without a proper masher.

The apple-banana crisp the rest of the crew made!

Thanks to the Austin Food Not Bombs for the logo!


  1. that looks so much fun! the apple-banana crisp looks yummazing!


  2. Oh, good luck, good luck, good luck - it sounds liek your interview went well! Here's to hoping you get the gig!

    And ohmigosh how does Anton not drink coffee?! It seems I do nothing but drink coffee!! :)

  3. such a great blog u havee! wow that apple-banana crisp real looks nice!!!

    keep in touch

  4. hope you are feeling better! that sounds so exciting, good luck! and that apple crisp looks delicious!

  5. I suddenly got hungry! Wish I could a have a bite of that scrumptious looking apple banana crisp! Hope you feel better!

  6. Great job, darling!
    Hope you feel better asap!


  7. that's so awesome. food co-ops are brilliant.


  8. THat is incredible! My husband is flipping out about the remake because it's his favorite movie and we both love the Coen brothers, too.

  9. oooh i hope you did well at the casting call! crossing my fingers that you get called back! and food not bombs seems like such an awesome place to volunteer (and so much fun). :D

  10. Jealous jealous jealous! Both the extras audition and the food not bombs involvement look so fun! Sounds like an amazing weekend.

    Woo time management ;]

  11. PRETTY! :) Chacamande.blgospot.com

  12. Gary Cooper is my favorite actor!! I'm in Austin too (Kyle actually) and one of these days I'm definitely going to Montana to see all the Gary sites :). Here's a link to my Gary website if you're interested. I have thousands of photos and a lot of old magazine and newspaper articles too. I hope you make it into the film. I've been an extra before (in Miss Congeniality several years ago) and it was a really fun experience.


  13. Good luck! I hope you get a part!! :)


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