When in Canada: West Edmonton Mall.

All right, so it's taken me a few weeks to sit down and write this post. In that time, my hubs and I switched hotels, and I've switched jobs.

So, without further ado and excuses, here is a collection of photos from West Edmonton Mall, North America's largest mall. Enjoy!
 John, trying to read our fashionable map.
 Arrr! We be shoppin', matey!
 Hands down, the fanciest cosmetics aisle in a grocery store. 
 I wanted to take this little lady bird home!
 Who knew pet products were so trendy?
 I love how Flare, Canada's fashion magazine, rips off Elle.
 Camera Flask.
 Outside Anthropologie.
Handbag: Mod Cloth. Shirt Dress: Silver. Jeans: Lucky.
 The mall was neatly landscaped, and also supported recycling.
 H&M Display.
 I loved how much natural light was in the mall!
 I like how you could see inside the entire store without having to go in. Talk about window shopping!
 You can totes tell that this side of the mall is the old section...a lot of local shops filled this wing!
 The idea of the "pin-up" was pushed in nearly every store.
 John and I didn't sport ice skates, but it was to watch others fall!
 As shown, many girls were wearing the nautical trend.

 Skeleton Dolls...is this a real thing now?
 At every turn, there was something new to see!
John and I didn't go to the water park, either, but it had many slides & a timed tidal wave!
 I loved how this window put their nail colors in the window. 
 Why look at a menu when there's a fashion map?


  1. Excellent pics, I bet you had super fun time!:)
    Happy Saturday dear!

  2. Quite a big mall, looks fantastic :)Am glad you had a wonderful time, you look precious!! Hope everything goes well for you this week :) xx

  3. Gah! There's a pirate ship in the middle of the mall? Talk about pure awesomeness!! :)

  4. I'm so jealous of your awesome adventures. I wish I could come with! :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Congrats on your new job! Looks like you're having fun, too. xo style, she wrote

  6. Thanks for your visit and comment!
    Excellent photos, transports us to the place where you are!!

    A great day!

  7. How wonderful hun, congrats on the new job! I browse Flare from time to time. I love that camera flask, brilliant! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. beautiful pictures as always darling!


  9. Great photos -- haven't been there since I was younger!

  10. OK, my first thought was "Why in the world is the largest mall in North America in Anchorage of all places?" But then my second thought was "Thank goodness people in Alaska still have Anthropologie!" haha!

  11. *OK, just realized this is in Canada, Oh well! Hope you still have good shopping options in Alaska!

  12. this mall is amazing! there's a ship in the middle of it?! I wish they had malls like that here. Do they really say 'eh' all the time there? lol. I love all those stores. oh and those magazines copying eachother reminds me of that movie 13 Going On 30 where the competing maagazines take eachother's ideas! Have you seen it?

    The House of Shoes

  13. Wish you have a great Christmas, full of joy, harmony and all our dreams of Stash makes us believe. May this New Year is approaching an open door to new dreams, renewals of faith and much peace to our world.


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