SXSW Street Style: September.

This is September; I met her while waiting in line for the Texas Style Council Conference Clothing Swap last night.

Can you believe she made her handbag completely from recycled fabrics? The blue flower on the top right corner is from an old dress that September had grown tired of. Wish I could be that crafty! I have been at the Texas Style Council Conference all weekend, and will probably summarize the experience later next week. Stay tuned!


  1. That's so cool she made her own bag, it's such a pretty colour combo :)

  2. I love her handbag AND her skirt - too cute!! :)

  3. amazing pics!!!your blog is so stylish!i loved checking out your posts!
    i follow you now!
    i'd love it if u follow back!!
    kisses from greece!


  4. Funky fun outfit! Love that DIY bag. xo style, she wrote


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