I'm excited for SXSW, but until then, Free People!

I'm counting the days for South By Southwest. I've already filled about a bagillion RSVPs for free shows and parties. I'm stoked to see The Strokes play a free show at Auditorium Shores on Thursday, March 18th. The Texas Style Council Conference takes place this weekend, and I cannot wait to see all the fashion bloggers, designers, and leaders alike who will be attending.

Until then, here's this gorgeous video by one of my favorite stores, Free People:

Free People March from FreePeople on Vimeo.


  1. Wonderful! I'm looking forward to the next week-and-a-half too! Hop to see [meet] you this weekend!

  2. cool video!!


  3. Free People always makes me swoon!! :)

  4. Love Free People's designs! xo style, she wrote

  5. It looks amazing! Love Free People!


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