Home on the Range: a look at Montana style.

Locations: Bigfork, Kalispell, Polson, and Woods Bay.

June 19th-29th, 2009.

Last month, I went to my hometown of Bigfork, Montana, for my mother's funeral. Over the trip, I saw a lot of friends and family who agreed to let me take their photos. I even helped stylize my father for his gun show (we went with white shoes, but unfortunately only the black shoes are shown).Over all, despite the sad circumstances, I had a pleasant time while in Montana. The weather was the biggest change, as I have grown accustomed to Texas heat; it was a mere 55 degrees when I landed in Montana!

Clothing in Montana, for one thing, is mostly laidback: a lot of jeans, t-shirts, and, in the summertime, flip-flops. Young people hardly dress up unless they are going to a fancy restaurant. I noticed a lot of brand-name t-shirts (Billabong, Vans, etc.) and college-attire. Because the weather was still a bit chilly, people were still wearing sweaters and jackets as well.

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  1. Sorry about your Mom! God Bless and these are nice photos.


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