Austin's First Fashion Week.

Monday, July 13th, kicked off the first-ever Austin Fashion Week. Celebrating fashion-forward Austinites, events include trunk shows, how-tos, the Feathers Blog launch, a silent auction fundraiser, and many more gatherings throughout the week.

Participants include local boutiques, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, models, photographers, and salons.

Austin Fashion Week leads up to the big finale--the Austin Fashion Awards at the Longs Center! Six UT Fashion Design School students will be showing their creations, along with Project Runway Season 3's Kayne. Octopus Project is also going to perform. You can check out the calendar here.

This week marks back-to-school for me, and also I am utterly broke from visiting my family in Montana. I hope to be able to catch an event or two this week between my busy school-and-work schedule!

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