Testing...Testing...Is this thing on?

I didn't think until 15 minutes ago that there may be an iPhone app for Blogger. So here I am, via an Apple product!

Hopefully, I will not be communicating in this capacity for long. But South by Southwest is hitting Austin next week, and I have a slew of events to attend, including Texas Style Council. I'll be posting street style photos from both TxSC and the SXSW festival.

Can you dig it?

Right now I'm testing out the app, so bear with me. Enjoy the photo of TxSC swag from In Pink Jewelry.

On that note...the photo resizer apps are proving to be difficult. Please let me know if there are any ridiculously-sized images on your browser. Everything seems to be okay on my end.


  1. Brilliant that you figured out the app.. My sister communicates with me via her ipad and its apps (Denver to Spain).

    Enjoy it and your travels. Looking forward to the photos!

  2. I'll have to look into the iPhone blogger app. I see yOU will be at TxSC next week too! -Virginia Lee Boyles http://vany212.com @vany212

  3. How was the conference? I bet it was fabulous!


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