Meet-and-greet with Tortoise & Blonde.

First, I would like to thank everyone for their encouraging comments regarding the (upcoming) final quarter of my undergrad career. My diligence throughout the Summer Quarter has paid off, and now I can say I earned B's in all of my science classes.

Second, since writing my last post, I feel as if everything has happened.

For instance, I now have a roommate, who owns a bunny rabbit named Marley. When you consider that I also have a medium-sized mutt, my apartment's been a little cramped, I've been a little stressed, and I spent my entire Autumn Break moving furniture around when I wasn't at work.

Womp, womp, womp (I strongly dislike complaining, so whenever I do make a complaint, I imagine the Teacher Noise from Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang. Strange? Maybe.).

On to my final point, and what this post is truly about:  I consider the following to be a unique brand that I trust y'all will like.
I mentioned Tortoise & Blonde a few posts back, as they were hosting events in Austin during the Austin City Limits Music Festival.  A couple Wednesdays ago, I had a lovely chat with Evan Weisfeld, one of the founders of Tortoise & Blonde.
 Mr. Evan Weisfeld, putting the "son" in "father-and-son team".

The meeting, which took place at Jo's Coffee (1300 South Congress) was a crash-course in the beginnings of Tortoise & Blonde, as well as eyewear lingo. Here are a few of the highlights:

-- Tortoise & Blonde was founded by three people: Dr. Steven Weisfeld, who has practiced optometry for over thirty years; Evan Weisfeld, Dr. Weisfeld's son who recognized the market's need for affordable, stylish eyewear;  and Phil Cobucci, who as a long-time patient of Dr. Weisfeld's and founder of BAM! Solutions has played a major role in the brand's marketing strategy.

--Tortoise & Blonde's products, though manufactured in the same factory as sought-after fashion frames, is remarkably well-priced. Their motto is "one today, another tomorrow", meaning that your glasses are as integral to your personality as any other visual trait (e.g. hairstyle). If you choose to switch it up, you shouldn't have to worry about breaking bank, as T&B's frames and prescription lenses start at $97.
The Quincy in "Black Cherry".

--The numbers on the inside of the temple actually mean something! For example, on this pair of Quincy sunglasses, there's a 50, followed by a square, and then 19-145. Those numbers are measurements in milimeters for (1. the "box" size, the width of each lens measured at the widest point across;  (2. the "bridge" size or the distance between the lenses, this measurement is sometimes abbreviated to DBL as in Distance Between Lenses; (3. the length of the temple.

--Tortoise & Blonde believes in the power of the consumer, and what consumers want is a variety of choices: many of T&B's frames come in three different "colorways" or color schemes, and within that, many styles are "double-laminated", or two-toned. What does that mean exactly? The outside of the frame is a different color than the inside. So you could totally be rockin' a black frame, but the inside could be cherry. How slinkster cool is that? Pretty rad, if you ask me. They also offer a generous selection of styles for both men and women.

--The brains behind Tortoise & Blonde are inspired by their everyday adventures and travels, and it shows in their naming of styles. The style names are a tribute to the unique (The Laurel is named after Laurel Canyon, a neighborhood canyon in Los Angeles), the iconic (Sunset takes its name from Sunset Boulevard, also in Los Angeles), and even the classic, as such is the case with Nottingham ( a city in England).

 The Quincy in "Black Cherry".

Once I get a new prescription for glasses, you bet I'm going to get a pair of glasses from Tortoise & Blonde. I just can't decide between the Sunset in "Black & Blue" and said-frames in "T&B". Now that I've done a slew of outfit posts, y'all know what colors I generally wear. Which colorway do you think I should get?
 Sunset  in "Black & Blue".
 Sunset in "T&B".

You can check out all that Tortoise & Blonde has to offer at their website. It's easy to navigate through, and let me know if you decide to snatch up a pair! They're definitely a brand that is worth following; I have a feeling big things are in store for them.

What I wore while conquering South Congress:
Sunglasses: Dots; Bow Halter: Esley, via Blackbird Clothes & Curios; 
Floral Shorts: Dots; Leather Flats: J. Crew.

3/4 views of glasses and logo courtesy of Tortoise & Blonde.


  1. Ohhh those glasses are cute! And I love the Peanuts references. Whenever I complain I usually follow it with "wah wah wah" but I like your way better!

  2. Such a sweet oufit, you look precious!! xx

  3. p.s. thanks for the super sweet comment, when I posted that, i didn't think many would even know what I was talking about, since silent films were from so long ago..it's great many actually do :D xx

  4. Hey you look great! And I definitely need glasses!

  5. really cute outfit and love those sunglasses!


  6. Love those black cherry shades! Cute outfit, too! xo style, she wrote

  7. PS I love your new profile pic! It's awesome! <3 Jess

  8. those glasses are sooo cute! i love both colors but maybe you should get the T & B ones since they're probably their signature!!!


  9. Ohmigosh Chelsea I am in LOVE with your outfit - cuteness personified! It has such a retro, pin-up feel to it! :)

  10. Love these black cherry shades!
    Nice shorts, you look so cute!^^

  11. Funny coincidence: I hear the "womp, womp, womp" song in my head, too, whenever something warranting a sad face happens.
    The glasses are really adorable. I love the different colors and designs.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Really cute glasses! And your outfit is pretty sweet too!

  13. I love the shorts - what a cute outfit!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  14. Oooh, gorgeous glasses. I just love your floral shorts, also. :)SarahD

  15. Really cute shorts!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  16. nice sunnies! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose= )

  17. Sounds like a great brand, especially if it was founded by an optometrist! Great designs too.

  18. cool glasses and very beautiful shorts :)



  19. Love the Quincy. Very stealth.


  20. You look so cute! I can't wait to see you in your glasses..

  21. That is by far the cutest outfit you have yet to wear!

  22. Thanx for sharing, I will definitely check out these sunnies.
    You look totally adorable too, great shorts.


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