I might be committing a fashion blogger cardinal sin here, but...

I have a confession to make:

I don't like posting photos of myself on my blog.

Which is why I don't have too many style posts featuring, well, me.

And it's not because I have low self-esteem/hate how I look/used to have an eating disorder. Nor am I fishing for compliments. I don't base people on their looks, and I naively believe people don't judge me by mine.

In fact, I like to think I look pretty A-OK most days. I also walk about three miles round-trip each day to school or work (I don't have a car; it's a beautiful thing to not have a car, until I want to go somewhere outside my neighborhood). I'm exhausted when I get home and, truth be told, the last thing I have on my mind is taking a photo of myself.

(If you live somewhere other than Texas, you might not know that the Lone Star State has been going through a heatwave, whilst in a drought. A tank top paired with shorts and walking shoes has become my uniform.)

When I don't have to dress for the trek in hot weather, I wear pieces that make me feel confident and comfortable. I have friends take photos of me when I can. A few of my friends refuse to take my photo, for they think I'll be picky and need them to take dozens of pictures. You would think, from the responses I get, that I don't go to an art school where everyone is required to take one photography class. All I really ask is that I don't look like I have a double-chin.

I promise this post has a happy ending, as I recently made a discovery with my new camera: it has a timer! I don't need another human to take my photo! I don't need to do the awkward "Pleeeeease, it's for my blog" speech to my friends anymore.

So stay tuned, ladies and gents! I'm making a pledge right this second that I'm going to step out of my comfort zone, and post more looks from my very own wardrobe.

To begin this endeavor, here's a snapshot of me at a recent wedding in Kyle, TX. I was a bridesmaid, and I was very lucky to be able to have a say in my dress. Both the dress and shoes are from David's Bridal. The necklace is a handmade creation by the bride's aunt.


  1. I'm excited to see more looks from your wardrobe! I also didn't much post my own outfits when I first started my blog but I transitioned into it and really love it now.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I feel the same way, darling!
    That being said, you look gorgeous!


  3. Yay for wedding attire AND for outfit posts. I love that you're doing something you normally wouldn't just for the hell of it. Everyone should do this once in a while, I think! You look cute, and no double chin in sight!

  4. I love seeing you on here! :) what a cute bridesmaid dress-you can wear it again and again!

    The House of Shoes

  5. Cute bridesmaid dress! Yeah I'm in Dallas and it's TOO HOT. I'm completely over this.

  6. Dang straight it's TOO HOT to do ANYTHING! Nobody even wants to leave their house these days! I don't like taking pictures of myself on my blog because it takes too much time! ha ha :)

  7. Tha is one gorgeous bride's maid dress...Nways u look Gorgeous!!

  8. love the green dress on you and how cute does it look with those pink shoes?!!! i totally feel you on the pics. it is a lot of work taking the photos. it always amazes me how some people have new and creative backgrounds daily. but it's fun seeing pics of you. definitely more personal!


  9. I am happy because we will see more pictures of you and your wardrobe :)

  10. I can understand your feeling towards posting hotos of yourself, i don't like it too!
    But i'm so curious about your wardrobe!

  11. Ditto for me. I'm just not a fan of posting photos of myself on Cafe Fashionista. Nevertheless, you look gorgeous! :)

  12. I am glad that you are gonna do more outfit posts!!! Love this post too 'coz it was REAL! :) This is a great color on you.

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  13. you look great love the dress such a pretty color! sometimes i have the same issue when i'm having those bum days and i have to awkwardly ask if someone will take a photo of me for the blog!


  14. Girl, you better start posting more pictures of you on here. I love seeing your gorgeous face. Besides, you look absolutely stunning in pictures. I mean, look at this dress!!! GORGEOUS.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. aw, that is such a pretty dress. You should definitely post more photos of yourself. :)SarahD

  16. Simply gorgeous! xo style, she wrote

  17. You look good in there ♥

    And I did enjoy reading your post.

    If you're not comfortable in front of the camera,
    maybe you should get friends to pose for you...
    Oh but its so much fun if you do it,
    you look good... as in REALLY Good!

  18. lovely green dress!!!


  19. First of all, to echo everyone else Chelsea, you look darling in that dress. Ready for a little festive gala!

    Secondly ... omg I hear you on hating to take pictures of myself. I don't know how style bloggers do it. Even WITH the timer, I just feel / look so awkward! So, it's comforting to know that a real style blogger (such as yourself) feels the same way. :)

  20. Can't wait to see more photos of you! It's good to change ;)

  21. self timers are an amazing invention and I love them. Every bit of them.

  22. You look gorgeous! You should definitely post more pictures of yourself!


  23. this is your space, feel free to always be you!! great dress :)


  24. it's not necessary to do that darling.you can always post about things you like using photos from the internet.not all ppl feel comfortable about exposing theirselves that way :) btw you look very nice in that dress.

  25. love the dress! i still can't get over how cool it is that you live in austin too. maybe we could get together for lunch one day? and yes the heat is awful. :(

  26. you should post more photos of yourself :P


  27. I use my timer for most of my shots :) you can pretty much tell when my boyfriend has done them for me because they look more professional when he's done them and he works with an amazing digital SLR whereas my camera is just a standard point'n'click. I never wanted my blog to have anything to do with personal style. It took me a really long time to entertain the idea of showcasing my wardrobe. I'm really pleased I made that decision now though. I dunno, the blog just seems more 'full' now that it has some of my personality injected into it. Plus, it's great to have something to look back on in years to come.. Your own record of your style.

    Well, this wedding photo is a promising start, I must say! The mix of green and pink is a combo I can definitely get behind. And I LOVE finding A-line dresses with pockets! It's magic.

  28. You look beautiful doll!! I understand what you mean, I was hesistant on posting pics of myself, so I kind of started with throwing in some taken from trips I took and that made it seem more fun. I've noticed how mean others can be when there is an outfit involved, but I've learned to just ignore them and keep doing as I like and so should you!! I do a mix of things still, so its not just focused on what I wear and I always remember its MY personal style, not anyone else's. And like Kelly said above it kind of completes my blog in a way as everyone gets to see my personality and stuff like that whenever I post an outfit..just have fun with it, that's most important and you are stunning, this is your space we just have the pleasure of being invited in, you can kick out the bad guests ;) Love the colour of this dress..wish you a great weekend :)

  29. I am happy because we will see more pictures of you and your wardrobe :)


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