Austin Fashion Week 2011 & Austin Street Style: Matt.

Mr. Austin Fashion Week, Matt Swinney.

At school today, I had the joy of listening to Matt Swinney, founder of Launch787, talk about Austin Fashion Week. I learned about how much goes into the process of creating AFW, and how someone who looks like Mr. Swinney can have a hard time "herding people who don't want to be herded." I also discovered that AFW is not all about the sexy bits of the fashion industry--there's still trash that needs to be taken out, coffee that needs to be fetched.Also, there's a lot riding on Austin Fashion Week, as it is named after the city. "It takes balls to associate an event with the city. If I screw up, it screws it up for the whole city...If I think about that too hard, I need to go have a drink."

That's why it's such a relief that the community has taken a liking to AFW. Last year alone, over 12,000 people went to various events during Austin Fashion Week. Swinney would like to see that number grow this year to 20,000.This year, AFW will take place from the 20th through the 27th of August.

The breakdown is simple: Saturday is the Austin Fashion Week Kickoff at the Cowboy Harley Davidson Showroom.

From Sunday-Friday there will be showcases throughout different parts of Austin, and Monday-Friday will also have runway presentations.

Monday has accessories, jewelry will be shown on Tuesday, and Wednesday-Friday will be broken up by resort, "edgy/funky", and evening wear.

Saturday wraps it all up with the Austin Fashion Awards, followed by the official Austin Fashion Awards After-Party.

Sounds like a fab time, and I cannot wait!If you're interested in volunteering for Austin Fashion Week, e-mail them at volunteers@launch787.com. Visit the Austin Fashion Week website for more details.

Thanks to Austin Fashion Week for the posters.


  1. Great casual men's look. xo style, she wrote

  2. So fun!
    Love the look, especially the sneaks!


  3. I am absolutely loving those sneakers! :)

  4. I love hearing about what goes on at Fashion Week from someone on the inside. Anyone can report on what they observe, but it is interesting to hear about the part of Fashion Week that the casual observer doesn't see.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. The new posters are AWESOME, love them much more than last year's, which gives me high hopes! I am glad you posted this, Chelsea!

  6. I love fashion week. Actually, never been to one but really wish I could go! Sounds like a blast to be able to see all the new designs and upcoming trends!



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