Texas Rollergirls are Badass.

I was recently invited to help Blackbird Clothes & Curios at a recent Texas Rollergirls bout. Held downtown at the Convention Center, I've only been to the roller derby once, and had no idea of what to expect.

This is what I learned: man, do those girls work hard! Their athleticism is awe-inspiring. I wanted to buy a pair of skates as soon as the evening was over.

If I could do half of what they do on skates, I'd be happy.

Blackbird had a great view of the track, and I met a lot of the rollergirls, as we were next to their merchandise booth.

Also, I was surprised to see the band Agent Ribbons there. Apparently, they've moved from California to Austin. They sounded great and even played my favorite song ("Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus").

In all, I had a rock 'n rollin' good time.

Hope you enjoy the photos and have a fab Monday!

Ready for some roller derby!Juliana Azar, co-owner of Blackbird.

Look at all the stunning merchandise!Look at them go!Ready to start.Agent Ribbons: "Chelsea, let's go join the circus.
I will take the trapeze, you can tame the lions." The entire bout was very close!
Instead of joining the circus, I would like to join the roller derby, thanks.


  1. Looks like fun! Roller skating isn't such a big thing here, it'd be nice to go to an event like that!

  2. I so want to go sometime! You are badass for going!

  3. I am so scared of falling ... Looks like a lot of fun though :)

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  4. I've always wanted to go to a roller girls event! I'll have to put it on my list of to-do's, looks like fun!

  5. You can be a Texas Rollergirl! Registration for session two of the Texas Rollergirls Rec League is open now.

  6. I'm still trying to convince Kelly its worth the enrollment fee to do this.

  7. They look totally badass! I would love to go to something like this. xo style, she wrote

  8. Those girls are so bad arse!

  9. looks so fun!!


  10. Looks like an awesome event! I'd love to see something like this.

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  11. That looks like so much fun! After seeing Whip It, I have been wanting to go check it out! <3

  12. Hey, girl! I'd love to include this post in something new I'm trying called <a href="http://pinksundrops.blogspot.com/2011/05/link-share-uniquely-your-city-wednesday.html'>Uniquely Your City</a>. Anybody can enter, but this kind of post about something in our own town is perfect for it.


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