What New Year's Resolutions?

I was thinking about my New Year's resolutions, namely the ones that fall into the categories of fashion and personal style. All I can do is refer to last year's resolutions, and most of them included transitioning my closet from that of a high-school student's to an adult's. While I still have a few hoodies and graphic tees, I've been getting better at not purchasing such items. I have made an effort to dress stylishly daily and to do outfit posts.

I feel like my personal style photos are a big step into adulthood for me because, as much I love clothing and fashion, my tendency to not care what people think usually ends up with me looking like a 12-year-old.

With that said, my New Year's Resolutions are to eat healthier, laugh and smile more often, and update my blog more frequently. In all, I could sum it up as "be happy". I will be graduating from college in December, so I feel like this is my last year to do whatever I want without having a completely set schedule (re: job) to get tied down to.
I ate a lot of Kerbey Lane Cafe cookings this past year. I need to kick the habit, for my wallet and waistline.

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