Austin Street Style: I fell in love with a girl at the car show!

Her name escapes me, but this lovely lady allowed me to take her photo at the car show that visited Austin last weekend. Her outfit reminded me of this old War War II poster of Rosie the Riveter.

The car show was amazing! I love seeing vintage hot-rods. I had a great time, walking down South Congress.

I still have no computer access at home and school is very busy right now (along with a few other students, I am making a window display for Mychael Knight's visit).

The good news? I am turning 21 in eight days, and am looking forward to that very much!

I am trying to come up with a giveaway idea, as then I can just let that run for a week or two...ha, this no computer access is making me so lazy.

Hope all y'all are having a gorgeous, fabulous day and remember, you're never fully dressed without a smile!


  1. She is a bit Rosie the Riveter, I wonder if she has muscles too.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

  2. I usually don't love denim on denim but she looks awesome! Happy early bday :)

  3. the resemblance is there, she's so pretty!


  4. ahhh so I totally forgot to include you in my austin blog links. rectifying that situation RIGHT NOW.

    Anyway, I love that gal! she's totally rosie the riveter.

  5. I love her look. It's totally, 100% a modern take on Rosie the Riveteer. Fabulous.


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