Austin Street Style & Bleet-Up : they say I'm too young, but it's not my fault.

Katie, writer of Lux.
So, I went to the Bleet-Up at the Mohawk on Thursday. I waited in line for an hour-and-a-half, chatting with two lovely ladies, Katie and Adrienne.

Katie and Adrienne were both very friendly. We began to discuss our lives outside of blogging. I'm embarrassingly awkward when meeting new people sometimes, so of course within the first sentence I mentioned my dog, then laughed because I thought it was funny I brought her up.

Then Katie and Adrienne talked about themselves, and I found them both to be interesting; Katie's lived in England and Adrienne's from Louisiana.

All this talking definitely helped as the line was moving incredibly slow. I was really excited when I finally got to the front, but then was deeply disappointed when the guy handed back my ID, saying,

"We're giving away free alcohol.
You have to at least be 21.

Defeated, I walked back to my car, went home and got into my pajamas and curled up with my laptop. I wrote to Tolly, and she now ostensibly has my back. So here's to hoping that I one day meet all my little blog friends. I'll catch you at the next Bleet-Up.


  1. Aww, that sucks. So sorry for you! :(

  2. Girl, send me your email addy at sundrops at gmail dot com. I wanted to send you an event email for tomorrow night. You need fun and games : ) !

    You look absolutely adorable!! And according to your picture I so probably walked by you several times. Or was standing right next to you lol. That so sucks they wouldn't let you in. We would've made a stink had we known and all would have been righted!


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